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neuroscience is still in the weeds (290 words)

"The duo... [used the] techniques they normally used to analyse the brain and applied them to the MOS 6507... Despite deploying this powerful analytical armoury... the study failed to detect the hierarchy of information processing that occurs inside the chip... 'Ultimately, the problem is not that neuroscientists could not understand a microprocessor, the problem is that they would not understand it given the approaches they are currently taking.'”

ouch! but that's on a designed CPU; i can't help thinking that a closer analogy is with the infamous genetically programmed FPGA that quite defied analysis:

"Dr. Thompson peered inside his perfect offspring to gain insight into its methods, but what he found inside was baffling. The plucky chip was utilizing only thirty-seven of its one hundred logic gates, and most of them were arranged in a curious collection of feedback loops. Five individual logic cells were functionally disconnected from the rest— with no pathways that would allow them to influence the output— yet when the researcher disabled any one of them the chip lost its ability to discriminate the tones. Furthermore, the final program did not work reliably when it was loaded onto other FPGAs of the same type."

it appears that the FPGA's program had evolved to utilised *exactly* the features and conditions found in the environment in which it evolved. it seems to me (although i'd be the first to admit i know practically nothing of neuroscience) that there's no reason to think brain cells evolve any less - er, expansively? holistically? - except that instead of only a hundred logic blocks arranged in a fixed grid, there are ten billion neurons capable of growing connections between each other

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friendship is magic

magic is just insufficiently understood technology

technology is knowledge

knowledge is power

power is energy over time

energy is mass

therefore, enough friendship concentrated in a single location can develop a substantial gravitational field and may eventually collapse into a black hole

Just volunteered myself to run an episodic game with a highly-variable cast at my work's P&PRPG club. Timeslot looks like either half an hour or a couple of hours outside normal work. Either way, I've got the perfect thing. It's nice to be GMing again... 🎲

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women do friendship face to face, men do friendship side by side, enbies do friendship stacked on top of one another like Pomeranians in a trenchcoat

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so no one told you dev was gonna be this way
👏 👏 👏 👏
your code's a joke, you're broke
you're watched by the NSA

while big corps copyright all we hold dear
and stopping us from sharing knowledge
from a peer to a peer, but

i'll be there for GNU!
(is it unix? no it's not!)
i'll be there for GNU!
(cause our code can't be bought)
i'll be there for GNU!
(under GPLv2)

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not a subtoot 

just a reminder: the point of all this is to be able to treat each other better, with more compassion & understanding. you shouldn't be learning, reading, talking, etc about oppression and justice to feel morally or intellectually superior to other people, you should be doing it because you're a compassionate person who cares about limiting the harm you do to others, and helping all of us have better lives.

the core needs to be compassion & care.

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Pronouns and gender psa 

Reminder that pronouns aren't inherently gendered and you can't reliably tell someone's gender by what pronouns they use! Ask or don't assume

There's no such thing as "male pronouns", "female pronouns" or "enby pronouns"

No one is less nonbinary because they don't exclusively use they/them pronouns

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Wells Fargo stole from at least two million of its customers, pressuring its low-level employees to open fake accounts in their names, firing employees who refused (refuseniks were also added to industry-wide blacklists created to track crooked bankers).


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the Thanos "what did it cost?" "everything" meme except it's FLOSS evangelists realizing that Linux and BSD are now the most popular operating systems in the world...

... because of Android and iOS

Clients who are used to Waterfall are often much too easy to impress with Agile. Like, being able to fix a problem early on is how it *should* be.

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Yesterday: a fatal flaw is uncovered in the specs for the feature we're implementing this sprint.

Me, today: here's the new UI mock-up, DB table needs, and datamodel outlay. Also, I've already started retrofitting the code. Yes, I *have* been in meetings all morning. What do you mean this was supposed to take the rest of the week?

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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The state of intersex bodily autonomy today 

woah, cool map!

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