anyone know about plant/botany-related instances? retoots appreciated :BoostOK:

@categorille Im also looking lol. Haven't quite found a good fit.

@Capheind @categorille Well, not an instance, but there's this group around plants that retoots everything that tags it: @plants

@categorille @Capheind @plants Np :) For sure there is more related stuff, we'll discover it sooner or later

@Capheind @categorille It's possible that @GwenfarsGarden may have suggestions? Also maybe check out the #florespondence hash tag.

@petrichor @Capheind @categorille Sadly there isn't a specific plant one yet. I'm on, which covers food, gardening & crafts.

The next best thing is to use the #Florespondence hastag as mentioned, & #Gardening & #Plants. And follow @plants. By following the group, you'll get any posts that have tagged them in your timeline. And including the group on your posts, it will go out to everyone who follows the group.

@GwenfarsGarden @petrichor @Capheind @plants thank you a bunch! those are good resources. I wish I had the time and energy to host such an instance, but I'll just stick with what exists until someone gets motivated enough

@categorille @GwenfarsGarden @petrichor @plants Im desperately trying not to get motivated lol. Poking around the actual setup of an instance isn't that hard, but managing/moderating it might take more time than I've got.

@Capheind @categorille @petrichor I'm in the same position. I've thought about it 100s of times, but always come back to realising I simply don't have the spoons to manage and moderate.

Hopefully one day someone will! Until then, at least we have the hashtags and @

@Capheind @categorille

To search for instances I use: (Quality, stable) (Much more servers) (Search servers based on language, moderation rules and size) (“All” servers)

On I found one match. But the description on the instance itself is less botanical.

I did not try The Federation yet, it is very slow.

@categorille I can second, decent amount of plant/food content it's close enough for my liking.

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