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Today's prompt is: "(1) song you know all the words to".

I chose Against Me's "Transgender Dysphoria Blues".

I'm starting off the month with a song that isn't very positive in terms of its themes, but always manages to make me feel strong and ready to take on the world and live my life the way I truly want to. And you know, I just love my trans artists.

CW: mentions of bigotry (trans/homophobia), f-slur, gender dysphoria

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[A somewhat long about , , , , and . I spent almost 3 hours on it, and retoots are much appreciated :blobfoxheart: Click on this toot or any other toot from the thread to start reading it, and please enjoy!]

cute date idea: i make a pull request to one of your projects and you make a pull request to one of mine while we sit in a vc together discussing the projects and what needs to be added

y do my specific interests have to hit so hard right as i get into the most work-intensive part of the semester

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>get back home at 11:30pm
>have to get up and go to the library to work tomorrow
>set alarm for 8:30am
>decide to say no to computer, instead grab my botany book to read a bit and not get lost on the internet for 2 hrs
>read botany book
>read botany book for 2 hrs straight


well, i guess i know how to recognize and differentiate some families of basal angiosperms and magnoliidae

#mastoart #sketch #art

AnGerY butch lesbian is a must 👌

Blague à part c'était un vieux croquis basé sur une nouvelle érotique très sapphique sur les bords par une amie à moé, faudrait que j'en refasse quelque chose...

#mastoart #illustration #wip #art

i said i'd toot art, so there ya go ✨
The piece is digitally lined and i plan on painting it trad with some gouache, and it will be used as a tag for the homemade liqueur i made with my best fren ❤️

computer science in the modern day has at least as much, if not more, impact than other fields like physics or chemistry.

we understood that physics and chemistry had wild ethical impacts when we invented the atom bomb.

computing hasn't had a similar event; an effective slap in the face to tell us that we need to actually consider the shit we're doing, rather than just inventing things or doing things for the sake of doing it, or because "it's possible".

i'm really hoping we don't need that slap in the face.


someday i'll make a thread here about the crucial importance of starting to talk about degrowth more

bc i am seeing way too much in terms of the embracement of growth despite the ecological catastrophies we have to deal with

I found this snippet and now I've got to share it because BOY is this ever relevant on the fediverse

In my experience, #research always turns out to be a process of rediscovery. Thinking and conceptualization have been for me a dialogue with the past. At first, I was disappointed to find out that my ideas weren't original, now I'm comforted by that.

body hair + math shitpost 

studying topology just so i can represent my body hair as a vector field on a closed surface in order to find a definitive solution for the mystery of which parts of my thighs need to be shaved in which direction

i think some of the reason that "every person must read theory or else ur fake" brand of leftism bugs me is that its still very individualistic and places blame on those that don't have the time, energy, or even ability to read and comprehend text while elevating those that excel in academic intellect into almost figurehead status. and i think those people know that too, in some capacity. it places them in a position of authority to preach the word and lord knowledge over others. very reminiscent of priests lording the bible over illiterate masses.

i wish there was more focus on intentional teaching, or communal learning. learning to speak in common, conversational language to teach rather than dropping terms that need further research/ requires a baseline understanding of other theory. or even just fucking teaching 101 classes, or hell, taking the time to sit down and read to people.

we're so isolated in the digital age talking over text that i think a lot of people have forgotten how powerful it is to just talk.

asking a random kity on some steet whats their pronouns

computer hardware mini rant 

engineering new "all-foss" hardware is a cool idea but I think we need to work more on reverse engineering, hacking and documenting existing hardware like old laptops, it will just be so much more accessible and better value for poor ppl, and we wont need to rely on third-party manufacturers like NXP as much

made a lot of progress with my zig opengl game project!
- textures
- perlin noise
- dear imgui

Here's a great read for anyone following the slow (too slow) collapse of the cryptocurrency world:

seriously what is this 2005-dreamworks-movie-title looking piece of shit

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Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost


#technology #opensource #ebooks #reading #nodrm

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