I got it to work ! I needed to move ownership to the closure. I need to learn more about closures, they seem really handy. I now have a working "type-a-word-in-an-entry-and-press-enter-and-it-gets-displayed-on-a-new-line-in-a-text-field" app :)

a whole new woooorld

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I know 's ownership system is cool and good, and I really want to understand it well, but damn it's kinda hard at the start. Like I get why my code doesn't compile but I don't know how to fix it :/

update: 1 hour later, i stuck with it, managed to finally kind of understand how gtk-rs works and i'm interested again now :)

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i don't study programming (not the kind that i'm doing, i.e. i have basic javascript classes) and it's mostly a hobby, so of course i probably won't be able to do much. it's so hard to just "program for fun" tho, idk ok anyways </thread> sorry for dooming

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i guess it's probably a combination of not planning out what i really want to get out of said projects before starting, and of seeing too large. i should remember to set expectations and be humble

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i rly want to feel excited about programming stuff and getting to the end of something again, yknow ? i know i can do it, i've had that happen a few times

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damn how do people ever stick to programming one thing and get to the end of it. I actually want to know, I'm getting bored of starting 1 billion projects, only spending a few hours on each and leaving them to rot in my ~/repos/ folder

(to be honest the `sudo !!` did more than the `pacman -Syu` itself. some things never change, even after more than a year on Arch desktop)

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It feels so damn good holding a smartphone that isn't a stronghold of all kinds of proprietary software cringe and loopholes. I might get addicted

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running on my UBPorts Edition ! My first `pacman -Syu` feels very emotional :D

Just discovered this awesome fortnightly (i.e. issued every 2 weeks) blog / newsletter about internet rabbitholes and tech and many other things. It's a pleasure to read through. I now know how I'll spend the day


A rare example of the NYT getting the language right.
RT @nytimes
There is no evidence that the antifa movement — a loosely organized collective of antifascist activists — stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. nyti.ms/2L2PWIl

Ich hab das Gefühl dieses Jahr wird das #toldyouso Jahr:


Wie sie uns damals HOCH UND HEILIG versprochen haben dass die Whatsapp-Daten nicht in Facebook einfließen, als sie WhatsApp für drölf Fantastilliarden gekauft haben.


i usually do productive procrastination, like programming or learning about computer science in general instead of writing the philosophy paper i'm supposed to write, but today i just.... didn't do anything :ms_kiss:

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