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the idea that boys and girls can't have friendships that aren't amorous is one of the worst gender-related things taught to children

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Being trans is, fundamentally, not about gender. It's about actualising a potential version of yourself, itself constructed by piecing together role models, vibes, interests, and this unexplicable push inherent to human life which makes us want to be one way rather than another. And that isn't specific to the trans experience. Everyone feels this urge to be a version of themself which is more closely aligned with their mental representation of the self. 1/

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[A somewhat long about , , , , and . I spent almost 3 hours on it, and retoots are much appreciated :blobfoxheart: Click on this toot or any other toot from the thread to start reading it, and please enjoy!]

With the recent news of Eugen doing fuck-all to be kind to the Fediverse, I'd like to publicly announce the new front-end for my fork of Mastodon.

This new front-end will hopefully get myself and others to work on more forks of Mastodon, in order to preserve the original idea of collaboration.

I'll be revealing more information in a bit.

you can just send someone "Image." and they'll think that you sent them an image lol

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amelia can post something like "bimp bimp" and i am like wow yes amazing honey spot on how do you do it every time

Oh you're a trans girl? So do you use the :3 emoticon ironically or unironically?

I have an idea for a patreon like system for software devlopment.
Suppose a software takes $10,000 to develop.
Then you set a minimum amount like $100 per license.
Then once 100 people buy it, the price of the license reduces to $10,000 ÷ 101. The difference is credited to all the original buyers. So as more and more people buy it, the per license price keeps dropping and the differnce is credited to all buyers.

I'd love to see someone implement this idea. Boosts appreciated.

Je veux dire qu'à force de vouloir rester sur un discours technique qui exclu partiellement ou totalement les patients des décisions médicales les concernant, faut peut être pas s'étonner que ça pousse ceux-ci à s'informer ailleurs et comme ils le peuvent.

Demande de conseils, boost+ :boosts_ok:

Coucou le fedi, vous utilisez quoi comme gestionnaire de mot de passe pour Android ? j'ai KeepassDX là, je vois qu'il y a Authpass aussi sur f-droid, vous conseillez quoi ? Libre, de pref, évidemment. Gratuit, ou payant, pourquoi pas, si c'est utile.

En sachant qu'actuellement j'utilise n'extcloud pour la syncro, mais idéalement j'aimerais conseiller l'app à quelqu'un de moins technophile.

bref, votre aide est bienvenue, merci d'avance :blob_cat:

okay os dev tutorial published!
feel free to give feedback!
@orichalcumcosmonaut @categorille yall wanted to give feedback so now you can vjksdfnbjkdsfn
sorry i couldnt figure out how to send stuff over fedi >w<

Just some screenshots of Telegram Desktop running on the #Pinephone

It scales suprisingly well and is totally usable on the Pinephone. I am not that much of a Telegram user since I prefer Matrix and the desktop client is quite a pile of garbage since it lacks encryption support but I am sure many of you will need it anyway! :D

#Pine64 #LinuxPhones #Librem5

Honestly really disappointed in @Gargron's decision to not include local and federated timelines on the official IOS app. The local timeline on Bofa is how I met like 90% of my original follows, and I wouldn't have been exposed to more people if not for that original community. Not all instances are huge general purpose instances like .social. It feels like he's are trying to cater to new users so much that he is stripping away major parts of what makes mastodon a unique and viable alternative. I get Eugen thinks if people don't like it they should fork it but if you are trying to bring in new users to a platform and people have to say "oh yeah don't use the official app tho they chose not to include core features", it makes the entire project look shoddy and like the antithesis of what a community based project is. I would suggest look into the PRs that will add it, and maybe make an account on a smaller instance and don't import followings, just use it like a new user.

thoughts about Love 

i dislike that there is a cultural conception of capital L Love as this thing that can either elevate you to a whole new plane of existence where u only know bliss or absolutely destroy your life. Like romantic(-adjacent) relationships are cool but also they come with their own set of struggles, and if you're destroyed by a relationship it isn't because of Love it's because of failures on either/both sides that weren't addressed (or other factors i'm not being comprehensive)

Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Ok, let's see.

I :

- Use non-megacorporate alternatives pretty much wherever possible
- Literally have text scrolling past me in a terminal on another computer
- Have hacked or replaced the stock software on most of my systems, including the goddamn Wii.
- Literally use hormones to modify my body according to my specifications (surgery coming Soon :tm:)

Oh dear god I'm literally a cyberpunk protagonist. That's not gonna end well for me, is it?

Which name/domain do you like better?

(Please feel free to reply in words if easier and elaborate) :)

Oh XKCD. That's a terrible idea. Do you want us all to die horrifically?

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