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my mornings in transition year 0: duckduckgo can you be trans if you don't identify as a woman

my mornings in transition year 4:

RT πŸ“… 27th October 2021
🐰 Coco
🏷️ Instagram/coco_the_bunny2016
πŸ’• #animaloftheday

inventing cursed books from a world where transness is embraced by capitalism 

Mediocre to Fantastic: Transitioning your Business from Good to Great

inventing cursed books from a world where transness is embraced by capitalism 

Retaining Top Talent with HRT: the Human Resource Transformation

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inventing cursed books from a world where transness is embraced by capitalism 

Stock Go Spinny: Embracing Wealth Euphoria

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Your defenses stem from your childhood. It takes a lot of effort to be vulnerable. Those who have issues with sharing their feelings/emotions, are those who early in their life was taught how to manage themselves on their own. There was noone there to take care of their needs, and they felt compelled to be strong to survive.

Does anyone have any experience with paid Mastodon hosting?

I'm specifically thinking about issues with or experience with DDOS protection.

Boosts welcome!

when are we gonna get patricia taxon and Laura Les songs in minecraft. make it happen Jens

infohazard; big screenshot with a lot of text (transcription in several replies)

what's this whole greeble thing i'm seeing on my timeline

i'm starting to really enjoy scala

it's like, Rust, except less verbose most of the time, and without the brein hurtie parts like lifetimes and ownership.

I really respect Rust, and the fact that it is a systems programming language explains the extra complexity, but I think Scala is a good introduction to formal typesystems and functional-ish programming.

Very enjoyable (:

markov chain generated toot 

i just woke up from someone whispering in my warm corner with plushies,,, only my usual state of gender

Reposting this ridiculously cute commission @scoots made for me now that it's seasonally appropriate (cw: furry, eye contact)

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