us poli 

So I’m a Canadian with dual citizenship. I want to help, I don’t have much but I want to offer a safe space for someone to come if they need to.

Does anyone know any good places/resources to help ensure peoples safety through a process like this?

Asking for a friend.

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long rant 

When a group is asking how do we evaluate ethical concerns over a business deal, why did you think to bring up other, unrelated, and hypothetical ethics concerns with a different company would be engaging in good faith to a discussion about how we want to handle concerns of ethics in our business.

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I don’t understand how some people can come so close to engaging in good faith to a discussion about inclusion and ethics, without actually understanding the point.

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This place not being algorithm-driven is great because I'm not addicted to it and don't feel compelled to come here and doomscroll for hours and use it as a self-destructive escape from real life

But at the same time it's also incredibly easy to just be like "Mastodon? Oh shit, I haven't been on there in WEEKS!"

and you know what? I'm starting to think that's a feature, not a bug.

So I’m still trying to be more active here. But here I am trying not to panic at service ontario when I have no good reason to be panicing

mental health struggles 

So I turned 30 yesterday which was kind of weird for me. When I was like 15 I was sure I’d be dead by 25. And here I am at 30 which I thought for sure I wouldn’t live to see, and I’m slowly wanting to live more and more. It’s a really weird feeling.

So I don’t post here often, but my work helped me put together a post for . Thought I’d share here to!

So I’ve picked myself up and moved across the country. Got into my apartment on March 1st.

It’s now been a month since they picked up my belongings and still nothing.

So I’ve officially moved to Toronto. Nothing like driving cross country and finding out that your things won’t be here for another 2 weeks :|

So I found out most people don’t see streaky lines when looking at a light at night.

Yet another thing the internet has told me is wrong with me while being 100% accurate

Saw and ad this morning that was for a product like full force prostate. Bonus points to anyone that guesses what it’s for.

Birdsite, looks like a fake trans documentry 

So it seems worth noting that the "Gender Unity Project" appears to be a fake front by conservatives. Unclear what they're actually trying to produce. Best to stay away. Not my thread.

I think we should make fishing songs the next big thing. Part of me loves songs like I’s the buys and heave away get stuck in my head.

Folk songs are also a banger.

That feel when you have a crush on a friend that has said they don’t reciprocate. But are still excited to video chat, play Mario kart, and do your makeup for you.

Like if they didn’t say they weren’t interested I’d say they’re into me. Or maybe I’m just a useless lesbian. I don’t know.

I’m really not looking forward to driving across the country with the same license plate as the Karen convoy. Made worse by the fact that my license plate doesn’t have nee stickers because they stopped making them here. Making it look like I’m driving with expired plates.

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"The connection between the programming community and the transgender community is complex and multifaceted, with numerous factors contributing to the overlap between the two groups. It may seem that it is just because they are both marginalized groups, but it runs so much deeper. In this essay I wil"

submitted by TheGingerWeebGal

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"MemeThank you guys, you are the real heroes"

submitted by Fair_Savings7875

Im starting to feel bad for the more junior android dev on my team. It’s just the two of us for android, and I can’t seem to find time to give him the attention he needs to be more productive. But there’s always a fire for me to put out.

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