The hardest problem in computer science is building notifications that don’t pop over closed captions.

I just released ✨ stackwhy✨ - a CLI app and package for viewing the events of an CloudFormation stack's last update: (TLDR: it explains why your deployment failed.)

I just sent my first newsletter! Thanks to everyone who subscribed! And for everyone else, here's what you're missing in your inbox:

I just released ✨ stackdiff✨ ; a CLI tool and package for visualising the changes described by an CloudFormation stack change set:

A couple of months ago, I started working on a new project. My biggest project since I left full-time employment in 2019.

I'm building a long-form creative writing app!

It's a looong way off, but I'm making the roadmap public:

I want to publish a public todo/roadmap for a tech project. Any recommendations before I default to Trello? Ta!

Folks. “The Forgotten City” is easily my Game of the Year. Please play it before someone spoils it for you. ❤️

My vision is so fucked right now, I’m considering taking some time away from the keyboard until I get new specs. It feels like a waste of my time to not work, but it also feels like a waste of energy to even try right now. Balls.

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My spectacles cracked during Lockdown 1. I patched ‘em up with Sugru. The other side shattered this afternoon. Saved by electrical tape. My soul is departing my body.

I wouldn’t normally link back to the hellsite, but is trending and it’s beautiful.

I'll be deploying Windows Server with Active Directory Domain Services today, whatever that means. I'll just pip install it.

.io considered harmful: Capitalism is tough to navigate and no product is entirely innocent, but there are plenty of other TLDs _not_ directly associated with ethnic cleansing.

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