I want to learn how to make pixel art. 90s, 16-bit-ish. Character design and tiles. You know what I mean. For a game prototype. Who’s got a good book or course or something an uncreative developer can buy and follow?

Current debate: what qualifies a vuln as "0-day"? After hearing someone use it in a way that surprised me, I asked 3 others and got 4 new answers, so…

What's your definition of "0-day"?

Boosts for wide sampling appreciated

Okay, so I've received some friendly feedback that the post is Too Fucking Long. I'm sad, but not apologetic. If anyone wants to write a linkback + TLDR on their own blog, I'll happily boost it.

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Anyone know good cloud threat intel/red team/threat hunter type folks? I might have an interesting job lead for that.

I’ve been writing a blog post for two weeks, and now I’m nervous to post it. I’m gonna be pissed if i spent all that time on nothing. Tomorrow or bust, babies.

Hey, guess which big girlboss alpha forgot that you’ve got to push down on RCDs to reset them, and so sat in the dark all night waiting for the landlord, utilities and electrician to fix the power. 🤷‍♀️

I’m working on (and failing at) not getting angry about small, personal injustices. I’m mad about my neighbours smoking outside my door. I’m mad when folks abandon personal responsibility and wait for me to fix their shit. Sure. But the madness festers. It’s boils up inside me. It keeps me awake. I’m not sure how to quit it.

@cariad I kinda got a newsletter with my blog site but I haven't posted a blog post in so long

So, I’m launching a software/tech newsletter. Every voice in my head is telling me to shut up before you all realise I’m a fraud, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ JAMStack + Netlify blog, ConvertKit mails, and the hot takes are all mine.

Anyway, do I have any friends/friends-of-friends launching a blog/newsletter recently/soon that could use some moral support? I getcha, folks.

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