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Fall damage? I'm taking summer damage over here

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remember the most important part of any makeup routine, which is to ruin it right at the end when you don't have enough time to correct it or start over

low key wanna start changing the gif periodically... just so the bots don't get bored :)

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Also: if you're outraged that libraries have to discard books, *donate money to your local library*.

Real estate and shelf space are expensive.

The library is one of the last places where you're not expected to spend money or suffer advertising.


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@david a random question, but is planning to support keybase proofs?

i couldn't find it in supported instances on keybase

i became annoyed by bots trying to reach adminer.php and similar things on my webserver, so I made a simple "eff you" page redirect. i know it's not gonna help with anything, but it amuses me that the bot will have to crawl that page :) (and I even added a gif for them :) )

wanted to buy a new domain for a personal email server, but I can't decide between two :/

had a (phone) appointment with my doctor. they said they could refer me (after i fill out some questionnaires), but the waiting list is about a year... honestly, i was expecting at least 2 years, so I'm fine with that... going there tomorrow to pick up the forms...


I seriously just read a tweet from someone telling me that if same-gender marriage was legalised, then eventually we'd question the "adult" and "people" parts of the definition of marriage :blobfoxfacepalm:

I... I... I just don't know what to say... it's 2021, one would assume they'd try some new arguments...

though probably not right now, i feel strangely tired right now.

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hmm... the background image on my website isn't displaying as it was yesterday... strange, i gotta investigate

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eh, my timeline and notifications on twitter are full of terfs and bigots again... thanks twitter for that wonderful feature when you show me random stuff from people i don't follow.

also the whole thing with Sandman comic...

sooo... my Internet connection is down that's.... cool, I guess... i could do something else *awkward whistling and looking around* maybe I'll take a nap

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I just watched an ad for books that will teach your children how to not be communists and in the process found out that Peppa Pig is a communist, which I didn't know before but that's cool

(eye contact)

me: (starting a story about my childhood) i was really shy when i was a kid
friend: *giving me a "dude..." look* you still are

yes. but now people don't get mad at me for being like this as much as they used to when i was younger.

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