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although I think today was the last day when you could take advantage of 2for1 deal :/

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twitter link to tick tock video, cat, bubble 

They put a cat in a bubble the absolute mad lads.

I saw a cute shadow puppet play called Space Hippo today. They are in Edinburgh only for three days for Fringe and then going back to Japan for a tour.

If anyone is interested, go see it :)

Elon Musk, twitter 

So if the tech boy isn't buying the birdsite, is he gonna donate the promised money to the charity?

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These days I feel so stupid... things I don't know how to fix on my system...

I'm feeling kind of demotivated.

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Trams are the nicest public transport to ride on. We should have more of them

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Recently decided to install Invidious on my server. The server doesn't have enough RAM to compile, but when I tried to use swap file, I got a strange error...

*sigh* why nothing goes according to a plan

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how did we ever let a situation happen where there was simultaneously a company called Oracle and a product called Delphi and they had nothing at all to do with each other.
we failed as an industry.

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“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

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Part of me desperately needs to fix the typo in this script, but another part of me finds it somehow reassuring that "everyhting looks right".

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@brennen Nope, and here's an 1857 drawing by Philip Gosse that built on Newman's idea, but Gosse thought they didn't have ears

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It was once thought that pterodactyls were mammals similar to bats, and these 1843 drawings by Edward Newman depicted them with screaming possum faces.

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From birdsite 

RT @themouseyouknow
A reminder that Japan has an official IKEA mascot that's a Blahaj in a suit

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society if people had places to cook akin to a library, instead of being relegated to cold stuff or take-out

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