🇱🇹 BookWyrm is now available in Lithuanian! Big thank you to @flowere and @saint for their work 💖

If you want to add or improve our translations, it's easier than ever:

and now BookWyrm is also available in Galician! Shoutout to @xosem for getting to 100% coverage

Cool! Congratulations.
Btw, I have a question. I checked

and found that it does not have my native language, Eastern Min (Min Dong, which has a ISO language code: cdo), on it. What should I do if I want to add the translation in this language?
@salt marsh Thank you! It is very helpful.
However, people who speak this language use the following three writing systems to record their own language:
1. Simplified Chinese
2. Traditional Chinese
3. Church Romanization
In Wikimedia site (e.g. Wikipedia), the code of 1. is cdo-hans, the code of 2. is cdo-hant, the code of 3. is cdo-latn.
I can write all three. But I would like translate the second one first.
Could you please change the existing Eastern Min and its code on the website to this:
Eastern Min, Chinese Traditional (code: cdo-hant)
In the future, there will have the following language variants:
1. Eastern Min, Chinese Simplified (cdo-hans)
3. Eastern Min, Church Romanization (cdo-latn)
Thank you very much!
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