US politics, voting 

I'm seeing yet more anti-voting rhetoric about the Supreme Court situation like voting can't save us.

No, voting COULD have saved us to prevent Trump from getting in office and installing several justices. It COULD have saved us from a Republican majority in Congress eager to fuck things up.

It CAN save us from Trump getting back in. It CAN put people in Congress who'd vote to codify bodily autonomy if you get to the polls this year.

Voting is not a one-time deal.

US politics, voting 

Telling people voting is pointless is a lie. You want evidence? Because the GOP is trying their best to take it away. If voting didn't have power, people wouldn't be so aggressively disenfranchised. Many civilized countries have MANDATORY voting, and all of them are better off than we are.

It's one prong of a multi-prong effort. Just like a prong on a multi-prong plug, it's needed and has a purpose.

US politics, voting 

(Note: "civilized" meaning "places where people have a meaningful say in their government." I don't care if a country has XYZ accomplishments, in this house civilization is a group effort. Anything else is sparkling rich people doing rich people things.)

US politics, voting 

Here's one for the crowd: not is like not using save points in a game where the villains are destroying save points.

Sure, having every save point get destroyed doesn't seem like such a bad thing because for you it didn't feel like an issue, but now you're at the final dungeon where the save points have long been destroyed.

If you lose the final boss battle, how much progress do you lose? Because the final boss wants that answer to be "Wake up, sleepyhead!"


US politics, voting 

Just saying. If you think voting doesn't change anything, just look how much changes when Republicans do it. Bitch all you want about having to push the Democrats forward while they sit in Neutral, but just remember you're behind the car when the GOP floors it in Reverse.

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