Periodic reminder that no matter what corporations raised you, that still doesn't make them your friend. You can be a fan of Nintendo's games and understand that they're one of the greatest dangers for video game preservation. You can be a fan of Disney's movies and understand they've pillaged the public domain and done their best to pull the ladder up behind them. Corporations are cold, unfeeling machines, and no matter how much they pretend they're friendly, it's a Terminator underneath.

@bluestarultor For-profit corporations can do good things, even amazing things. But at the end of the day, their primary goal is to maximize profit, and they will do whatever they have to within their fiscal and (loosely) legal limits to do so.

@faoluin @bluestarultor No corporation is your friend.

Especially if they make that thing you like.

@bluestarultor social, cultural, and legal constraints may still limit their harm in some places, since what they do are still executed by real people, but none of these exist for corporations in the US. Cruel and selfish people create true monsters.

@bluestarultor terminator! :blobaww: i loved those movies! fox is my favourite publisher!!!

@bluestarultor yep, being fans of nintendo games is *why* we know they're a threat to game preservation

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