ain't: definition from

For anyone who tells you "ain't" isn't a word, it's been around since at least 1780. It's not a FORMAL word, but it's plenty old enough to be a word. Language is dynamic.

Also if anyone says "snuck" isn't a word, you can point out it's good enough for most dictionaries.

@bluestarultor eff them.
"yeet" is a word, and its past tense is "yote"


@Anke Actually it's "yeeted" and "has yote." XD

@Anke There was an excellent meme breaking it down a while back. XD

@bluestarultor @anke i mean not necessarily? Any verb inflected via internal vowel shift is by definition irregular in English, so ‘correct’ is only defined by what people use and are comfortable with (something that is doubly true for new coinings, where a traditional usage does not exist)

Personally i prefer matching ‘write’ via proportional analogy so ‘yeet’ ‘yote’ and then either ‘yetten’ or ‘yittin’ depending on your particular accents strong/weak vowel pairs

@Satsuma @Anke I mean I'm not going to argue with the people who invented the word. If I'm going to use it, I'm going to respect their defined parameters. XD

@bluestarultor @anke ah i hadn’t realized you were an authority on the matter

@Satsuma @Anke I mean it's not my word, but if I'm going to use it you bet your ass I'm going to do it right so I don't immediately shrivel into dust on the wind! XD

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