I'm ready for the weekend.

*checks time*

I am still ready for the weekend even if it's not ready for me.

I intend to:
- relax
- get warm (why am I always cold?)
- maybe try to open up my NES and clean my brand new contacts
- maybe try scraping the offending cartridge first to see what might be built up on that side
- cry if I can't figure this shit out, because it looked like it would work
- check on the stray
- enjoy my Wi-Fi (I worked for it)
- maybe play some games
- definitely work on mine (had a great idea for icon colors)

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I used a plastic fork to check for any sort of wax and came back with something black and powdered. Took a Q-tip to it and there was a light dusting of something black on the contacts. Tried it again and it still didn't work, but somehow managed accidentally get something in my mouth wiping my nose and it tastes acrid.

There is no situation where this is a good thing, BRB rinsing my mouth.

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On one hand it's probably not mold (which is a normal result of blowing on cartridges), but on the other such flavors tend to come from things like metal and having potentially toxic metal salts in my mouth which I just empirically proved do not simply wash out is probably not good.

Alternatively it may be some sort of oxidized oil, which is somehow less appealing, but likely safer.

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It does, however, give me hope that I can simply wipe down the NES contacts with something dry to clear whatever detritus might be making other games not work now.

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@Taris After all the BS this week, I have EARNED it. XD

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