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Reposting my post, with a few changes.

I'm a 22 year old (they/them). I write for a living (exclusively in ) and study and languages like and for fun.

I play a lot of (), and have recently taken an interest in , a genre-neutral RPG.

I hope that gives you a good idea of who I am, and I'll close out with some more tags related to me.

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:BoostOK: Privacy 

"Locks means secrets, and that's not good."

This makes my stomach churn with discomfort, because that is NOT AT ALL true. We all deserve as much as we can. It gives us comfort, safety, and peace. It allows us to freely express our true selves to those around us without the fear of judgment and ill intents by others who question our expressions. Knowing we're continuously surveiled means we hide who we are, afraid to do anything, lest be penalized for being human.

Mi lernis hodiaŭ ke oni ne povas uza la volativon kun «esperi».

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a discord community is not a suitable replacement for a wiki

Just got a tablet for use at the table, because it's a fair bit smaller than my laptop. It's actually pretty cool and does it's job pretty well

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Did someone already buy one of those fancy corne-ish zen split keyboards? Any opinions floating around in the fediverse?

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Could it be that I've had so many meetings and document writing sprints lately that my yearning for more techncial work is now expressing itself as a desire to configure command line clients for everything (again?) Or Am I just a linux nerd at heart, who spent too long in the far away land of Mac GUI Things (tm). Yes, it could also be both.

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YouTube, dark patterns 

Dark patterns really are a plague, I can't believe how tech companies try to make deceptive designs, even for the most insignificant thing.

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Trans voices only please 

@MxAlba hard agree. Same with, “preferred name.” It’s not a preference, it’s not optional, it’s my name.

Unfortunately the pervasive gender philosophy in modern culture is “you are what you were born as but some people would like to be treated as if they were something else and it’s polite to do so.” Cisgender realism fucking sucks.

Still trying to work out the best way to introduce 10 new players to

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Decided to give up on using for the game I was gonna run, and went back to 5e. Should be less work for me honestly.

I hate Amazon but god I like my kindle.

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hjklhjklhjklhjklhjklhjklhjlk is when ur gay and also a vim user

send toot

Finally finished my city map, now it's time to design some interiors.

I'm gonna run a style campaign for my coworkers, but I'm going to be running it IN a city rather than in the wilderness around a town. Anybody have any advice or ideas around this?

Been jumping into to whip up some maps using some stuff from 2-minute tabletop. His stuff is so cool, and he has loads of dungeondraft assets.

Still trying to wrap my head around dungeondraft though

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Hmm, so a while back (potentially years) I read a great very long article on the story of the web from the initial utopian visions tl where we were then, and talking notably about the impact of things like JSON vs XML in the evolution of things, in what was probably something like the Verge based on what I remember of the look of the page

And I can't for my life find it. Does it ring any bell for y'all?

Decided to just go for it and buy and after only about 20 minutes of playing around I'm thoroughly impressed.

Main difficulty is gonna be hosting it on AWS but it's going to be so much cheaper than has been.

I've been running a group through in 5e. It's been fun but the campaign book is kinds crap, goes into no detail in places you want detail, and loads of detail in places you just don't care about.

After we finish this campaign, I think I'm gonna jump over to a dark fantasy setting (maybe something like grim hollow). Has anyone run a game in grim hollow?

Tried out the official and I can't quite work out how to get to the federated timeline!

Back to it is.

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