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Hello! I'm Peter!
I like dumb sci fi, cartoons, and good beers.
Cartoonist and puppet builder outside of my day job, but a dreamer full time!
Love to draw odd monsters and cartoonish creatures, currently writing scripts for a puppet based sitcom.

Which turns out to be "Any day between the -12th and -18th day of the month which is a Wednesday", FYI.

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I've been editing my nextcloud calendar events' RRULEs manually because there are some things you can't do with a UI. "The Wendesday before the second last Sunday of the month", for example.

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Hello! I'm partially moving from, I wanted a place to post about tech stuff (and maybe music).
Tech facts: I'm slowly working on a library.
Other facts: I like birds
Other other facts: I'm tired 😴

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