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Hello world! Want to build ActivityPub into your NodeJS app? node-activitypub is nearly ready for its first alpha release. Follow this account for updates!

I'm looking for a new provider.
Requirements: Allows custom domains, based in Europe, compatible with 3rd party clients

Anyone have ?

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Been talking about creating a #webfinger library for #nodejs over on the #activitypub forum
Any node js developers got thoughts on my proposal?

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I feel like a lot of software developers work in isolation when we could be more productive gathering around a common topic and sharing knowledge and code, as as people are doing at

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I'm starting an Anti-Capitalist Ethical Technology Activist group in #Leeds:

Get in touch if you're interested, either in Leeds or elsewhere

I've been thinking about coordination between developers of Virtual Research Environments. I think it comes down to an advocacy group to promote specific libraries, resources, and ways of working -- rather than any technical solution (e.g. everyone has to use this framework/platform).

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Waiting safely at home is a privilege!

We are the snapping turtles, a solidary neighborhood support. We have occupied #AirBnB - apartments that are illegal in #Berlin, to give them to those who need them most in difficult times.
The crisis hits especially women*, who are now at the mercy of domestic violence all day long due to the restricted access and have no possibility to avoid it.
With our action we want to show that there are many forms of solidarity and encourage people to empower themselves and help others.

there's also a video statement containing further informations.
Currently it's only in german available.
You'll find it here:

#coronacrisis #COVID19

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I'd like to start using this account more for work stuff.
My question is, who on the fedi is involved in and/or ?

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Hello! I'm Peter!
I like dumb sci fi, cartoons, and good beers.
Cartoonist and puppet builder outside of my day job, but a dreamer full time!
Love to draw odd monsters and cartoonish creatures, currently writing scripts for a puppet based sitcom.

Which turns out to be "Any day between the -12th and -18th day of the month which is a Wednesday", FYI.

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I've been editing my nextcloud calendar events' RRULEs manually because there are some things you can't do with a UI. "The Wendesday before the second last Sunday of the month", for example.

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Hello! I'm partially moving from, I wanted a place to post about tech stuff (and maybe music).
Tech facts: I'm slowly working on a library.
Other facts: I like birds
Other other facts: I'm tired 😴

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