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Hi, I'm Elliot! You can call me
I usually go by Elliot, Elly, beep, or aaaaaaaaaa! I'm 26, gay, and non-binary.
I spend most of my free time either drawing or playing video games. I especially love retro stuff and generally rpgs.
I also do photography sometimes, especially bird photography because birds are amazing.
I'll mostly be posting art, some games I play, and whatever comes to mind here.
I'll post some of my art in the reply to this post.

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Introduction part 2, sfw furry art, drawn ec & food 

Here's some of my favorite stuff I've drawn in the past few months (The first one is also my icon right now!) (Also I generally don't use proper capitalization this much)

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colored that picture from a few weeks ago
it isn't even cold out anymore but everything is still covered in snow

nintnedo direct 

hello to the one person in the world excited for a legend of mana remaster, me (with actual new backgrounds and new music??)

figuary, drawn nudity 

i cant think of anything to say but here these are

figuary, drawn nudity 

i cant remember what day of the month it is but yeah

figuary, drawn nudity 

i forgot to upload yesterday so here's a double


day 10
in a rush today so these are kinda rushed

figuary, drawn nudity 

oops i almost forgot today cause i was playing game all day

figuary day 7, drawn nudity 

day 7!! kinda tired today but i'm gonna keep at it 💪
plus a bonus deer!

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figurary, drawn nudity 

day 6!!
today's challenge was ONLY straight lines

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e-begging but also good news 

So yesterday I looked at a room to rent after finally getting a response from places I looked into. I talked with the owner, the room is decent sized and cozy. The payments are weekly and I can afford them.

Last night I filled out a background check and I got confirmed for the room. This morning I sent my first payments. I did it. ;-;

My last issue now is that I have no furniture of my own. Not even a bed. Any help goes towards that ;-;

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❌ waking up at 5 am because your rooster is screaming at the sun
✔️ waking up at 5 am because your local werewolf has a weird work schedule and wants to get some howls in

unable to be a creature of the night at night but good thing early mornings still feel like night so i can be a creature of the night at 5 am

figuary, drawn nudity 

day 5!! started out iffy but ended pretty good
plus a bonus 20 minute pose

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seeking a room to rent 

If anybody knows a queer safe place on Long Island, NY where I can rent a room and just exist for awhile, please let me know.

Ive contacted numerous people listing rooms for rent on craigslist and weeks have gone by and nothing. I feel hopeless, I don't know what to do.

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e begging, im sorry ;-; 

Told this morning that I have only a month to find a place to move to or I’m left homeless by my ex and her family this morning. Any help is appreciated, even if you just RT. Thank you.

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