i just saw a possum in the backyard!! i've never seen a possum in real life before, they're way bigger than i thought.... i assumed they were, like, squirrel size, but this one was the size of a cat

they had their tail curled around something plastic and were carrying it around, i wonder why

@autumnontape u sure their tail wasnt caught in the plastic?

@raeaw i looked up pictures of possums carrying things, and they looked similar to what this one was doing. looks like they probably picked it up to use as nesting material!

@autumnontape that's pretty cool! I didnt know they could carry stuff in their tail so well

@raeaw me neither, it makes sense though, they can hang upside down from them so they must be good at grasping!

@autumnontape Oh yeah I remember seeing pictures of someone holding a possum up and going "Oh that thing is HUGE"

@socks they're way bigger than they look like they should be!!!

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