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I just got an electric bike last week, and I think I had underestimated just how utilitarian they are. I can tow a passenger trailer *and* a cargo trailer together if necessary without breaking a sweat.

It's already replaced a good portion of my car trips around the city, at least when the weather is decent, and I can see that I'm going to get a lot of miles on two wheels this summer.

May we all find the confidence to know the power of our voices, the beauty of our gifts, and the strength of our convictions. Our time is now. It is always now. Don't hold back.

Incense is burning, chill beats are playing, the tea is hot, and it's time to dive in to some late-night coding.

Re: creating BBSes and the early Internet:

I think there was a lot of magic in making those first tentative connections when so much information was hard to find and ideals ran high. It was mysterious and adventurous, and the technical parts of it felt like a never-ending frontier to explore. Nowadays our limits on moving forward feel so much more social than technical, as we're dealing with the consequences of that infinite connectivity we opened the door to.

I'm surprised at how many people seem unaware of the word "tenet".

Your religion only has "tenants" if you're renting out the church building. ⛪

meta, transphobia mention 

Reporting a transphobe on Twitter: Thanks for the report! After careful, careful review we've decided 6millionwasntenough hasn't broken our safety policies. You can block them if you like! <3

Reporting a transphobe on Mastodon: yeah so i just defederated their whole instance lol

I made this video last year, but I'm new here and it seems like something this neighborhood would appreciate. I restored my very first computer, a 35-year-old Commodore 128, that got me started on my geeky path and has been with me ever since.

It's 2022, and I'm finally getting around to playing Secret of Monkey Island for the first time. I'm not sure why I never got around to it in the 90's, but it's quite an epic treat to get to discover it now. 🦜🏴‍☠️🐒

Hi all! This looks like a friendly place. I've had a Mastodon account on a small server for years, but am thinking about spending more time here instead since there seems to be a lot more going on and so many interesting people to discover.

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