I just opened up my stratum-1 time server for public use and added it to the NTP Pool. It's an IPv6-only server, and helping close the gap between how many pool servers are accessible via IPv6 vs the larger number of IPv4 servers.

So yeah... sharing my clock so everybody has a good time, and slowly inching toward an IPv6-first internet.

@RenewedRebecca ...or the Olympic Games are about to begin. Not entirely sure which.

I took some extra time to make a real breakfast this morning. I don't always make the effort when it's just me at home, but... Blueberry peanut butter sourdough pancakes with blueberry syrup... Yum!

Oh, and the garden is starting to pop, so fresh veggies and greens are on the menu now too. 🌱

Me working all day... dog sleeps on the couch.

Me getting on my one phone call for the day... dog: "bark bark bark".

Every time.

Damn, this plane just came *barreling* through here at 1500 feet above the ground. I didn't see it, but I sure heard it.

I look at this image in awestruck tears at just how maddenly slow even the speed of light is and how isolated we really are.

@renewedrebecca It's actually for a CPU called Sprout24 that I'm designing from scratch and building in hardware from the logic gate up. It's a 24-bit RISC-style architecture. I have several of the components built in hardware already, and this emulator and the assembler I wrote are helping me validate and debug the rest of the design before I lay out the rest of the PCBs.

Not much info online yet, but here's a placeholder page that I plan to expand at some point:


Be the gay you wish to see in the world. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

My CPU emulator is 20% more gay for pride month and, more importantly, now has working interrupts!

I just found a random garage sale with a bunch of old Mac stuff. I left with an Extended Keyboard II and a Macintosh 512k for a total of $60, so I'll count that as a win!

@inkling (zooms in to make sure there's a TI-85 in there...) Ah yes, that appears to be precisely the proper amount of calculators.

Quite an impressive collection! :)

I'm at the point in the architecture bootstrap process where I'm debugging its first CPU emulator while also debugging its first assembler.

When something doesn't work right, tracking the bits all the way through is a tedious yet rewarding puzzle.

I have some of the CPU boards built (ALU, registers, etc.) and tested already, but as it's time to make them all work together in concert, I'm making sure the whole system works in emulation before designing any more hardware.

@derek @prehensile I'm not certain I have any *straight* friends on Masto.

@AmethystDragon Ooh, I haven't explored di.fm yet. Good pointer, thanks! (I'm going to end up paying for another subscription, aren't I?)

I've been listening to a lot of Morcheeba and trip-hop music, plus more folksy stuff like Over the Rhine and Vienna Teng. Stuff with a beat but low key enough not to pay too much attention to.

But I do sometimes get stuck in a rut, so that's why I like to ask this every once in a while when I know I'll be behind the keyboard for a while :)

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What's your go-to background music for coding?

long update on homebrew cpu project 

Finally getting a chance to work on my CPU again. I just updated the assembler to reflect some late instruction set tweaks and started updating the emulator to match.

Once that's done, I can re-run my test programs and then start designing the control unit PCB if everything checks out.

The register boards and all the component boards that make up the ALU are built and tested, so I'm feeling pretty good about pulling this all together.

I've finally cleared out a space to start bringing the retro computers out to play.

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