I've been trying a plant-based diet at my doctor's suggestion for a couple weeks now, but it's giving me headaches and heavy fatigue.

Not sure if it's my body still adjusting, or I'm just somehow doing it wrong, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to bring myself to stick with it.

@autumn Well, plant-based is fine but only if you're still getting the nutrients you need. What all have you been eating?

@spicytamazon I've been trying to get a good variety. Lots of beans, mushrooms, kale and green veggies, onions, fruit and berries, oatmeal, and nuts and seeds.

It'd be nice if our bodies had a real-time nutrient meter so it'd be easier to figure out what they're missing.

@autumn It would!! It sounds like you're lacking iron and could be anemic.

You could pick up vitamins or might consider adding lentils & tofu to your diet! And if you add some citrus like oranges & lemons, it should help boost your B12 levels which can help with fatigue.

@spicytamazon I just started an iron supplement this morning to see if that helps. I like the idea of adding some tofu to the mix, and remembering to get more citrus sounds good too.

I really wish that I wasn't supposed to avoid grapefruit on HRT, cause they're my favorite and I could totally add one to my breakfast routine otherwise.

@autumn Yeahhh, that is sad! But I commend you on trying a vegan diet! It's hard. I've fallen back on meat and milk and stuff. It's hard to leave cheese behind. ;.;

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