On another note, question for other autistic folks 

Do any of you tend to speak very plainly and honestly and struggle to get people to take what you say at face value? How do you work around that?

I've struggled to get people to believe I don't have an ulterior motive when it matters that they listen to me. They always think they know what's going on inside my head and it's not what I've said. Getting really tired of it.

Follow-up to question for other autistic folks 

The really ironic thing is that a lot of the same people have claimed they don't understand me, which is really just the most infuriating blend of reactions when you've told them exactly how you feel/what you need/etc.

Apparently, the most confusing thing you can do in life is just be honest.

Another follow-up to question for other autistic folks 

You know what's the worst, though? When you hold the line because you're telling the truth, they repeatedly don't listen to it, insist that *something else* must be going on, and then finally give up trying to convince you that THE TRUTH isn't actually the truth BY CALLING YOU IMMATURE?







Follow-up to question for other autistic folks 

@atilde that's something I really struggle with too. Like, they already know I don't interact the way they do, how are they surprised I don't lie? I can barely speak to NTs when I'm not making stuff up.

Follow-up to question for other autistic folks 

@atilde I have no answer, but I can viscerally feel the question. If there's any one thing that makes me unhappy about being autistic, it's the sensation that society punishes my honesty.

Maybe an answer? 

@atilde it sounds like the typical neurotypical culture bs where they never can? dare? want? to say whatever they mean, just to keep stuff hidden and maintain plausible deniability whenever some other NT interprets the hidden message differently? They are so heavily used to all those façades that they just cannot dare to accept someone not putting them up. Perhaps even gaslit too often to believe someone being sincere when saying something similar?

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