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guess i'll put up a self-description since i'm getting back into fedi and just moved over to this instance

hi, i'm Ashe! i'm a trans mom and software developer, and i like making websites and other dreams for computers! i like irc, webassembly, and vr

physical affection, touch 

now that my hair is getting long I finally see why some people love having their hair touched - by the right person it's absolutely divine

trans voice frustrations 

aaaaaaaa i've been working on my voice for months (and i'm starting to kind of not hate it as much) but actually working up the confidence to try it is . . . hard

i'm so exhausted, i just want to be done

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you ever just see a woman and be like... holy shit..... women....

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if you think its crazy that google put a guy on leave for saying their AI was sentient,, wait til you hear about all the ethics researchers that google has fired because they said their AI was racist

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tech nonsense 

elasticsearch is the kubernetes of databases

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Falsehoods programmers believe about gender:
* Gender is the same as sex
* Sex is the same as gender
* There are exactly two genders
* There are exactly three genders
* There are a countable number of genders
* All genders are already known
* Trans is a gender

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if it ain't broke fuck around with it a bit, might be interesting
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pol, liberals, trek 

Liberals when you call out transphobia (or really any kind of hatemongering)

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my personality isn't just being trans

i also have: coping mechanism's

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bot-like stimming nonsense 

this place is not a place of places. no esteemed place is placed here. nothing placed is here. what is here was placed by us. the place is in a particular place. the place is still placed, in your place as it was in ours.

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kiki: not a place of honor, bad, spiky
booba: soft, welcoming, gay

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40% of computer touchers lose track of their own gender within 5 YEARS

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Open source is secure because someone (certainly not me) probably looked at the code sometime.

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