I got bored, so I decided to implement a blog on my website, and then also wrote a post about how I write code while at school:


I also cleaned up some of my templates and added some opengraph tags

I have been experimenting with my CI system thingy again, this time adding a live web viewer for logs (just to prove I can)

\o/ its booting again, seems like everything's working again now!

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I have aquired new RAM, now I just need to fix my broken Arch install

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Oh oh. This might explain the random segfaults and crashes I've had this afternoon

I've been experimenting with embedded linux on Raspberry Pi, using Elixir with nerves-project.org and its been quite a pleasant experience overall

After some (self-inflicted) wiring issues, I've written an elixir wrapper around the Rust library for the Blinkt, which I am considering putting open source on Github for anyone interested

It doesn't currently have any web interface or anything yet, its just a command-line task runner.
It can automatically clone and checkout a specific commit, and then all workflow steps are executed inside a docker container which is sandboxed with gvisor. I have no idea where I really want to go with this, as it was mostly just to experiment with the docker API

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I've been experimenting with building my own CI system kinda like GitHub Actions or something

I've been working on re-doing my website (again lol), and this time I've added a page that's automatically generated from my @PronounsPage profile, containing Lots Of Words™️

So I had this idea earlier in my maths lesson, and so I decided to make it. Its a digital clock that tells the time using the angles of the hands on an analogue clock: time.ashhhleyyy.dev

Been playing with (one of) my raspberry pis along with some ws2812 LEDs (neopixels) again; now to do something useful with them

So it took between 4 and 5 hours for someone at school to notice this on my lanyard today, but I am now slightly out to people there now \o/

Imo schools shouldn't just provide a single browser for students to use; I'd much rather be using Firefox, but schools seem to have tendency to like Chrome more. Just let me pick my browser ffs.

hardening mastodon against scraping 

fellow masto instance admins of the fediverse:

by default, mastodon is leaky as fuck and there are a bunch of ways that data can be scraped and indexed from a mastodon instance

there are a few steps you can take to harden your instance against this; since there's an ongoing harassment campaign against trans masto users, now is a good time to review this

the following is not exhaustive, but it's a good start

1. Enable 'Secure Mode' on your instance. Without secure mode turned on, any of the activitypub endpoints of your instance can be scraped without http authentication -- this includes user profiles and users' public posts. This makes it ***absolutely trivial*** for a scripter to scrape all of the profiles of your instance denizens and look for keywords.

From the mastodon docs: 'When secure mode is enabled, all GET requests require HTTP signatures as well.'

It's insane to me that this isn't enabled by default. To enable it, see the 'AUTHORIZED_FETCH' parameter here: docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/co

This makes it more complicated to scrape, since scraping traffic now has to come from an instance that uses http signatures, and not just from some random asshole's computer.

2. Toggle some config options in preferences => administration => site settings. Here you can turn off the profile directory, disallow unauthenticated access to public pages, etc. See the screenshot below this post for the settings I use. You can make up your own mind about how strict you want to be here, but I think turning off the profile directory and the public timeline is a great idea.

3. Recommend your users disable DMs from people they don't follow. This is under preferences => notifications.

Any stuff I've missed, stuff you'd like to add, feel free to reply to this post.

Thanks for reading!

PSA (transphobia meta), please boost 

for the past ~4 days there's been lots of mass harassment of trans people

if you're an instance admin:
- please turn off sign ups, at least until this is over
- keep up with #fediblock

if you're on the list, or just worried:
- lock your account
- in web mastodon:
- preferences -> appearance -> always hide media
- preferences -> notifications -> block DMs from people you don't follow
- in tusky:
- account prefs -> download media previews -> off

not really sure tbh 

due to legal reasons my lawyers say I must tell you that legal reasons mean I have lawyers

I made me take quite a big jump too, I think it was the loudest arc of the evening

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So I was helping out at my college's open evening and I got quite a big shock from the Van Der Graaf generator lmao

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