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Genuine question, what CloudFlare options are there with a similar experience for their DNS and caching? Attack protection is nice but not mandatory.

Hilarious how stressful preparing for a vacation is.

Heroku’s free tier is going away. I continue to recommend @flydotio as a replacement

All I wanted to do was write a little TypeScript file that imported an existing module to run a task automatically with data defined in code.

Apparently that’s difficult lmao.

I can now say with confidence that ArgoCD + Kustomize will be powering Furality’s infrastructure soon. Very, very happy that we’re moving to something more native lol.

The more I use Ubuntu in WSL the more I find myself building tools from source for the latest version.

Published my blog post about working on @furality's infrastructure :3 Included is a link to the panel, which is well worth watching!

Windows RDP is just so good. I wish there was an option like it for Linux :(

Published my blog post about working on @furality's infrastructure :3 Included is a link to the panel, which is well worth watching!

Today I subsist entirely on 4 1/2 hours of sleep, Ritz crackers and strawberry milk.

One out of maybe 3 or so codebase for Furality's infrastructure refactored, hope that at least two of these will be able to be open sourced soon. Little tricky making the specific bits more generally applicable but it’s worth the effort imo.

Good lord Windows hardware manus cannot do a good website.

Genuine question, how can one be a supporter/better friend with those who have dissociative identity disorder? Been wondering about this for a while now.

Finally got around to updating my profile picture with some fresh Arch art :3 got me a lovely badge from (
for my birthday and it’s wonderful 🥰

_scratches another notch in the wall_ well, another go around the sun.

I mean, you're not /entirely/ wrong.... But then I've also elected to run a fair amount of stuff in Kubernetes, personal and otherwise.

/considers life choices/

Do I need Kubernetes?


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