@AutumnMeowMeow On one hand, I absolutely agree, and hadn't really considered that point. On the other, I do really like the fact they can expand their character roster beyond the mainline and tie in other groups or characters. But ultimately it coalleses into a "everything is a big event, usually world ending, all the time" and I'm really tired of that :p The Hawkeye series was a nice break from this but I think I'm just finished at this point.

Anways, back to my usual thing. I've installed Rocky Linux as one of my servers, since I've never exploring the RHEL/CentOS worlds. Always been in the Debian (mostly Ubuntu) & Arch worlds.

I haven't seen Multiverse of Madness yet, and I really wish I could bring myself to do it because I love the multiverse stuff, but I've seen some... stuff spoiled and I cannot deal with some specific scenes. So I think that's that.

I'll still revist the "original" Infinity War saga from time to time, but I think I've hit my limit.

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I think Marvel has finally managed to break my want to watch any further MCU movies. It was waning hard after Endgame, but I think it's finally done.

Feels weird.

I've ended up ditching WSL and opting for a "proper" virtual machine with VMWare to get some work done :p I'm starting to feel like I'm close to the "just reinstall Linux as a daily driver" stage in the cycle.

The insatiable urge to reinstall Guix and use EXWM...

One step at a time though.

Self hosted git

Self hosted git

Now that my emacs config is in a better place (github.com/gmemstr/dotfiles/bl) it's time for the next step of my dastardly plan: Setting up my own git remote. From there, it's Guix time.

Not entirely sure what I'm going to opt for remote wise, whether it be Gitea or git's own gitweb interface, or something else.

I've been seeing a massive uptick since I joined my current employer, I don't think that's a coincidence. I doubt snubbing these recruiters will hurt my chances of landing jobs in the future (I... assume... lol).

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No, I don't want to work at your "hypergrowth", locally sourced, grass fed, gluten free, whatever else early stages startup you're recruiting me for and calling my employers customer support line to try and reach me.

Seriously, recruiters are on a different planet. If I want to work somewhere or am looking for a new opportunity, I'll see them out myself at companies I know I want to work at, not some random high risk startup.

I'm a bit mad today lmao I've been getting so much spam.

Getting pretty annoyed with this 3:30PM standup meeting time lmao

May be looking for an artist to do up a proper ref sheet for Arch, my sona -- recommendations wanted :3

Part of me genuinely loves drifting in and out of REM in the morning, when you still feel a bit tired to you hit snooze and fall back into a dream. Maybe a few times....


Very worth it when it's a semi-lucid dream though.

@david It /seems like/ a general 20% increase across the board but I haven't done any math to support that yet.

DO increasing prices. Hope I don't need to oversee a migration due to pricing in the near future. digitalocean.com/try/new-prici

"We should figure out food."
"Yeah, what do you want?"
"I dunno, what do you want?"
"I'll think about it."

/and repeat/

May be looking for an artist to do up a proper ref sheet for Arch, my sona -- recommendations wanted :3

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