I think in the coming months I'm going to spin down the gitgalaxy.com website & domain. When I originally came up with the name, I was unaware of the git branding guidelines, and it occurred to me a while back that it might actually infringe on those.

I enjoyed the experience but with little time to blog on my own time, and being unable to build a community around the site like I wanted, I think it's time to let it go.

It's all archived on Archive.org, and the GitHub repository has no reason to disappear, but I've been moving things off that domain (I used it as a personal email domain for maybe a bit too long) and am looking to either sell it or just let it lapse.


I am also more seriously considering switching my "gmem" handle, but it's a difficult decision given how much it means to me and the history I have with it. Given my recent embracing of the furry community, it's certainly given me more ideas but it doesn't make it easier to pick.

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