I think Marvel has finally managed to break my want to watch any further MCU movies. It was waning hard after Endgame, but I think it's finally done.

Feels weird.

@arch The multiverse stuff made all the stakes pointless to me. We can reintroduce any actor anywhere now -- so why care what happens in any particular universe, your beloved character had the outcome you wanted somewhere else?

Basically MCU is a soap opera now.


@AutumnMeowMeow On one hand, I absolutely agree, and hadn't really considered that point. On the other, I do really like the fact they can expand their character roster beyond the mainline and tie in other groups or characters. But ultimately it coalleses into a "everything is a big event, usually world ending, all the time" and I'm really tired of that :p The Hawkeye series was a nice break from this but I think I'm just finished at this point.

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