self promo 

i made a website! :BoostOK:

it lets you upload your song stems so other people can do remixes easily, and it gives you access to other's stems. easy and free collaboration for everyone

i wrote a joke-y ad for it that i posted in some discord servers, but it's too long to fit in a post so im just uploading a screenshot

self promo 

@annieversary How cool! I always wondered how remix producers get the single tracks. I didn't even know they were called stems. Really like the idea. :)

re: self promo 

@annieversary 0/10 doesn't even have megalovania (jk this is cool)

self promo 

@annieversary sick! imma upload some later!

self promo 

@annieversary I cannot make music but this looks super cool! ^^ what's a stem tho?

self promo 

@secretlySamantha its an audio file that contains only one of the instruments (or vocals, effects, noises, whatever really) in the song!

there's ml thingies that separate a track into stems, but they're still pretty rough so having the originals as provided by the artist is always really helpful

self promo 

@annieversary @secretlySamantha woah where can i find said ML thingies (preferably code if possible) that sounds sick

self promo 

@raeaw @secretlySamantha spleeter by deezer is the best one (i think?),

there's a bunch of websites that run it for you, like,, and

i use the funny websites cause i can't be bothered with setting up python stuff

self promo 

@annieversary thankss!! This seems useful even if the tracks end up really garbled or whatever!

self promo Getting PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR when trying to upload a track (about 750mb altogether) :c

Also! A license field would be handy so CC users can specify restrictions if they want

self promo 

@skeh oh yea oops memory limits were set too low, could you try again?

i thought about adding a license field, but i decided to go with a general comments field instead, and just let people specify restrictions there if any. i might add one later when i add searching and filtering things, but for now i think this works

self promo tried again, and nop, still got the same error ​:yukko_pain:​

self promo 

@skeh 😭 it should definitely be able to handle that, the server has 2gb of memory

im just gonna rewrite it so stems are uploaded one by one instead of all in the same request, i'll let u know when that's done 🥲 sorry for the wait

self promo 

@skeh beep

okei there's a fancy upload page now, it uploads stems one by one like gdrive and all those thingies do. it should *hopefully* work now cause each upload will be small ^^

self promo homescreen link points to the old /new rather than /song/new but stems are uploading A ok~

self promo 

@skeh oh oops yep! thanks so much for uploading the stems!

the song is really cool, love the bass sounds

@annieversary Any plans to introduce social organizing of stems, commentary, stuff like that?

This tool is a much-needed thing!

@woozle yes! i haven't given much thought into how it would look, but i do want to add social stuff at some point

im also gonna add theming options (i don't think everyone will agree with my abundant use of pink ^^'), and filtering/search features

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