Hm, the new Klei game (Griftlands) looks a lot like what you'd get if you had a brawl in a cantina on Tatooine. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so; the top reviewer on Steam said the exact same thing.

Skimming some C code on github that does something I'm interested in and seeing several lines of unhighlighted text starting in the first column, single words.

"hm, that must be a syntax highlighting bug, that's weird"

Sadly, I wish that was true. This code uses goto. LOTS of goto. :(

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ZFS still seems to really confuse Dolphin. It's claiming a directory is 1.5 petabytes. Well within what ZFS can do, but also 4 orders of magnitude larger than what it really is 😂

I'm especially wary of how JavaScript seems to be the primary language for Qt Quick. I REALLY don't want JavaScript to be the primary application all my apps use. The entire point of using rich native apps is to *avoid* JS. This seems to be the way things are going, though, and... sigh. I cannot fathom why. Sure, C++ is awful, but Electron is worse. :(

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Reading about apps like Konversation getting a rewrite using Kirigami and seeing a number of other apps adopt this kind of UI and... I'm worried. I don't want a mobile-first UI on my desktop. Is this where KDE is going? I don't want another GNOME. If I wanted to use GNOME I would. I want more functionality and features. Kirigami apps provide neither.

RimWorld, body horror 

The RimWorld wiki article for harvesting human body parts is titled Human Resources.

Protip to drivers everywhere: honking your horn for 60 seconds has no greater chance of achieving what you want than honking for 5 seconds or even a fraction of a second. All you're accomplishing is showing that you're unable to manage your anger while in control of a dangerous metal machine.

I wonder how far ahead Valve were planning the Steam Deck when they started pushing for Linux support for games. It's clear now that Proton is a crowdfunded testbed for Linux game support and as such is a brilliant bit of strategy. To be clear, I do plan on getting a Steam Deck. That said, as a Windows-hating gamer, I very much appreciate all the attention Proton is and will be getting. Anything that lets me avoid Windows is welcome. Even if it means systemd.

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@cadadr I still struggle in English due to the lack of a morpheme which means "Sapir-Whorff is nonsense".

fie(1): used on a file you dislike to express reproach for it, e.g. fie /bin/systemd

I have found the most British source file in all of open source: xiph/opus-tools/src/opusinfo.c. Several of the functions start with "oi". Clearly British.

When do we start talking about ditching x86 because of its egregious power requirements and environmental impact (as if all of its myriad technical flaws weren't bad enough)?

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Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

The one thing that would make Void perfect is not having -devel packages. There's no reason for them besides legacy. They're plain text files. If you're really running out of space because of some text files, you have bigger problems.

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Wow, the iproute2 bridge(8) documentation is terrible. I'd looked at brctl which said "oh, this is deprecated" (of course...) which pointed me at bridge instead, which has next to no docs and doesn't actually say, y'know, how to create a bridge.

You do not have to listen to fossbros who respond to "it'd be nice if [application] did [thing]" with "send patches" or the like. Don't ever let anyone volunteer your free time. Don't ever let anyone tell you to do unpaid work for them. Remember that open source is a *volunteer* activity, and that the root of the word "volunteer" comes from the Latin verb "to want". If you don't want to contribute, don't. There is no obligation to contribute.

I have to say I'm actually enjoying KDE.. err, sorry, Plasma. If there was an integrated ecosystem of devices (with as many third party apps) as Apple's system has, I'd be tempted to switch. Konqueror getting some love would be great, too. It'd be lovely for KHTML to be a thing again.

So I'm playing with fonts on this machine and needed to restart my terminal to check the new font. I had logged into my rPi to look at setting up dnsmasq and went to bed before getting things ready. So I restart the terminal and log back in.

"Last login: Mon Jul 19 01:39:58 2021 from 2002:[...]"

... wait what

Apparently I have 6to4 IPv6 from my ISP now \o/

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