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instagram likes vertical videos, but idk if it cross-posts well tbh ^_^;

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every hobby lobby has the same hostile conservative southern energy. I wish michaels would step up so I didn't have to go there.

I’m 30 and y’all can’t tell me what to do!

I want to go to the event / collaborate on the project / help out with X. it takes so much self-control not to say yes to everything… ( ╯_╰ )

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saying no to things that I would really like to do because I don't have enough energy really sucks. hate it.

A loved one has covid and had very scary stroke-like symptoms. Thankfully, they are doing much better but it was very scary.

Planning on going to my first ren faire this year! If you have any outfit recommendations, hmu! :) thinking of taking it in a fantasy direction.

not sure who needs to hear this, but you gotta pack out your toilet paper when you are hiking/camping. it's trash, it's litter, it's garbäge.

posting old art to peer pressure myself into making something new lol

This was the first original painting I ever sold in a gallery --shout out Sidestreet arts in Portland!

I never met the buyer, but I hope they know that it really meant a lot to me. Tomatoes, 2015.

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@wayback_exe "I send my best to all the brave HTML authors out there who put their work online every day."

every time I am eating vegetables (be it a salad, or some carrot sticks, .etc.) and I can't finish my plate I think to myself, "man, I wish I had a tortoise to share this snack with right now."

every time. without fail.

This is a painting I did back in 2015-ish. This is one of my fav paintings, which is unusual for me because usually I have a hard time looking at old artwork.

Stumbled across this drawing from 2015, back when I was in this phase of drawing cats eating ice cream all the time haha! Maybe I should bring it back because I have been having a lot of art block lately.

oh no, I accidentally ordered the wrong size of platform sandals. :( being a beach goth is delayed by at least another week.

RT @MotherOfDasypus
Why don’t Subarus have cup holders that fit a nalgene? Don’t they know their audience?

One of my new favorite things is watching the transition from swallows to bats as it becomes dark.

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