some moments in washington.
(still offline for this month.)

I'm <10 minutes away from being offline for the month of June on sabbatical. Looking forward to unplugging, reconnecting with nature, and spending some much needed quality time with my sister.

As much as I enjoy the steady stream of updates and pet photos, I am looking forward to experiencing a month without an internet connection or cellphone service and just *walking*

<3 see you soon, much love.

I'm usually never this busy, but it has been good for me. 😴❤️

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I did some super fast drawings in-between moving this weekend for the comic I want to make about my recent 10-day stay at a vipassana meditation center.

(About to leave for a month-long hiking/camping trip, so the rest will have to wait.)

I'm hosting the next zine party on June 14th. RSVP to

Less than a week until our ~300 mile hike! yeehaw 🥾🌲⛰️

@lmorchard are these your buns?? Please gently pet their foreheads on my behalf. 🙏

heartbroken, *angry*. IGNITED for action. . . but I have to sit and do my little job.

@mconley thank you for the rec! It is nice to hear what others are using because I also feel hesitant to hand over tokens to unfamiliar tools.

@DrGoldfire @mconley -- that's fair. I'm not sure if you saw, but @ZenithTheReborn recommended which allows you to omit certain posts which sounds pretty nifty.

are folks using a service to x-post between mastodon and the birdsite? would love a recommendation, apologies for ...I am tired :blobfoxcomfysleepy:

@whiskahs it was A LOT! so many things lol -- very positive!

I am back from the northwest vipassana meditation center!

I am not even sure how to articulate what a deeply profound and **humbling** experience this was for me...

I have learnt an incredible skill to process emotions and experiences. I feel fundamentally changed as a person. (going to try and make a comic to better explain before I leave to hike later this month)

Would highly recommend for everyone. If you are curious, you can find course schedules on

As of tomorrow, I will be offline for 10 days to participate at a silent meditation center. ttyl! 🤐

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