developers: if your manager asked you, "what are your signature strengths?" what would you say?

@amy I say I'm good at certain things that other devs aren't, like mentorship, teaching, writing documentation, and technical communication

@amy I can fall asleep in five minutes during a meeting, thus conserving my energy for more important matters.

@amy "I'll say yes to basically anything, going way over my skillset and duct-taping something together that will get you a sweet quarterly bonus.... yeah it'll break apart under the slightest stress and it will be horrendously costly to fix but that's next year's problem"

wait you said strengths oops

@amy I'm VERY stubborn (and a little petty) which helps me get hard stuff done

@amy I have a unshakeable willingness to point out when tired, cliche, status-quo approaches can be trivially improved upon for everyone's benefit.

wage labor adjacent 

@amy accessibility, being really fast at completing my tasks while still writing thought out code that doesn't add (much) tech debt, being a quick learner and sincerity (potentially up to a fault from their view, I won't implement stuff that I disagree with morally)

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