are folks using a service to x-post between mastodon and the birdsite? would love a recommendation, apologies for ...I am tired :blobfoxcomfysleepy:

@amy I use

Felt weird to hand over access tokens to it, but then I just went for it. Seems to work well!

@mconley @amy I was using that one for a bit and it did seem fine. I've turned it off now though because I decided I didn't actually want crossposting; I don't really use the two apps the same way, and I don't think I like having exactly the same posts on both of them.

@DrGoldfire @mconley -- that's fair. I'm not sure if you saw, but @ZenithTheReborn recommended which allows you to omit certain posts which sounds pretty nifty.

@mconley thank you for the rec! It is nice to hear what others are using because I also feel hesitant to hand over tokens to unfamiliar tools.

@amy I liked using when I was crossposting, its highly customizable and you can ommit certain posts on the fly with hashtags.

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