Programming is such an emotional roller coaster...

Some days, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Merrily solving problems, feeling productive with a sense of purpose.

Other days, like today, I wonder how there was ever a time I felt competent. Running into pitfall after pitfall, slowly crawling forward. =_=;


I think I’ll be forever chasing the high of the moment when ✨it finally works✨

@amy my most /this/ feeling for me is when I ask myself "how did this ever even work" while mired in problems and pulling my hair out, and then come back an hour later and find the two character fix.

@mythmon @amy "how did this ever work" might be my favorite feeling in programming, because it always means I'm about to learn something I didn't expect.

@DrGoldfire @mythmon @amy Oh yeah,. those are absolutely the best. especially as my knowledge of a system deepens... then something like this shatters a fundamental part of my mental model and I gotta learn to problem solve again, I love it.

@wraithan @DrGoldfire @mythmon @amy I also very much enjoy the occasional phenomenon of "wait, really? that worked?"

@lmorchard @DrGoldfire @mythmon @amy Judging by this thread Mozilla likes to hire folks who enjoy teetering on the edge of understanding... which, I mean, fair.

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