does anyone have any recommended resources for studying React? feeling a bit behind these days.

@darius well, I touch it off and on. I studied it in code school in 2018, but have not been using it for work regularly since.

@amy So this was incredibly helpful to me because it disentangles React from stuff like `create-react-app` and webpack and babel etc. It helped me understand what React actually does *in the browser* and treats it as just another library you include as a <script> tag.

This is not how you'd write production code but it's GREAT for learning.

@amy Might be worth just crawling projects on GitHub and looking for ones that are using a newer version of react. It seems like everyone kind of rolls with it a bit differently, so seeing a spread of patterns might be good to supplement ref material or videos by people with strong opinions.

@amy Comparing projects that use nothing but react to ones that use something like a pwa lib like workbox in conjunction with it might be cool if you can find one floating around.

@amy I followed Maximilian Schwarzmüller's video course on O'Reilly. It's really great and comprehensive

@amy these aren't totally finished, but the beta reactjs docs are good.

Their 'learn' section:

@amy i like Unfortunately you have to pay for the service but i think it is worth it.

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