Might commit the terrible sin of posting again but first i need to make my timeline comfy

nonsense about programming 

Rust and Zig are both gay languages and thats all that really matters

@lovelace When I'm writing about something where I know I'm likely to get hostile or rude, I personally find it helpful to cross-reference Wikipedia's summary of Non-Violent Communication: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonviole

In my experience it both makes my points more precise and clearly expressed, and less likely to be ill -received

@lovelace i really don't understand how you can say that without ignoring how giant a security concern memory bugs are

And sorry if i got grumpy but i get very frustrated when you when you call things pointless nonsense while simultaneously griping about how unreasonable rust devs are

@lovelace @raeaw the borrow checker prevents accidentally introducing memory bugs that sre gonna be absolute ass to debug that aren't gonna reveal themselves until who know how much later, and in the cases where unsafe code is a hard requirement the surface area of code to scrutinize is far, far smaller. Ime in the vast majority of cases the borrow checker only complains if you're doing something you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place anyway.

maybe controversial? idk. definitely a tangent. 

@furkachi @secretlySamantha while I understand the desire to just be ""normal"", I can't help but low key consider pulling the ladder up behind yourself a little.

Like, the whole problem is that people demonize things they find weird, so by asserting how normal you are you're kind of making the work of people who will never be seen as normal more difficult, imo.

@lovelace i had no idea that was a stereotype. i continue to be impressed with how many absurd ways of being racist people come up with.

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