I'm so surrounded by lesbians that my brain finds it jarring when women describe their significant others with "he"

@amandag i am at a point where i simply assume everyone is very queer and nd and apparently that confuses some people i interact with sometimes

@amandag like i forgot about that whole concept of cis people quite a while ago now

@amandag i only say it when i am saying hehehe because I am laughing at her jokes ❤️

@amandag sometimes I entirely forget that straight people exist and I don't know if thats bad or good

@AgathaSorceress it's a relief imho

i do no wish to be burdened by remembering The Straights exist

not serious pls dont hurt me 

@amandag i mean haha are they even actually real
it's like
being gay but backwards
i think
thats probably still gay

@AgathaSorceress @amandag wait that's like... the gay of being gay

gay squared... extremely gay

@amandag My first thought is "Ah, a he/him lesbian. Powerful". I'm then saddened to find it's just a boring cishet dude

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