alias yeet="sudo apt remove"
alias yoink="sudo apt install"

dictionary is a coward and acknowledges neither yeet nor yoink

@silentium @f0x @amandag alias yolo='git add . && git commit --no-verify -m "yolo" && git push --no-verify --force'

@nvi @silentium @kunsi @amandag alias dbyrne=“echo ‘this is not my beautiful wife’”

@amandag I want an alias for sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root for when I get angry

@EmmaTheTrans @amandag alias burnthisshitdown='sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root' ?

@EmmaTheTrans @glowl if you're more inclined towards brevity, might i recommend "megayeet"

@amandag Is there an equivalent for “sudo apt purge”?

@amandag This is so funny, I moght just go ahead and add this to my bashrc

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