A great article about how building neighborhoods that aren't suburban sprawls hells is literally illegal in most American municipalities:

A chpoce quote: "It is illegal to build an apartment building in a district of single family homes. Residential zoning was adopted in order to prevent single family neighborhood property values and families from being degraded by the presence of apartments where immigrants and low-class people lived."

meant to write choice not chpoce, not sure how that typo happened lol

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also meant to write "sprawl hells" not "sprawls hells" I need sleep or something lol

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@amandag and we need to get rid of these suburbs if we want a livable climate in a few years, anyone got any good ideas for liquidating them

@vapeorwaves it's generally far easier to make tangible impact as an individual on local politics compared to elsewhere, even more so when organized in groups.

The general goal in terms of actual changes is making other means of transportation than the car viable, which means making streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and stronger public transport.

Also guillotine your local council in minecraft

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