@tk @BalooUriza @amandag i am now just realising I could have just fuckin' moved "The Linux mascot" over from under tux instead of erasing it first and then individually removing "cooler" and shifting the other words around and save myself like half the "work" i did on this shitpost oh my god what is WRONG WITH ME

@blight @Nine @tk @amandag I forget the exact reason why Tux was chosen over her but she was a front-runner to be the mascot.

@BalooUriza @blight @tk @amandag
the glib response: because linus torvalds is a coward
the more likely reason: tux works better as a generic logo as well as a mascot, the simple design, cartoonish features and easily recognisable silhouette make him a better functional mascot character.

@amandag i love herrrrrr

i also wanted to drop in the link to the original posting! i love Finley's art and i want her to get credit


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