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For I am announcing my blog! You can find it at

There's not a whole lot there yet, considering I just launched on it, but I made it myself more or less from scratch and I worked real hard on it! I'm a tiny bit proud.

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This just in: gay bean does shopping at lightning speed

Cops in Louisville just got away with murdering Breonna Taylor.

This ruling is just one more shovel full of dirt on the notion that Black people can get justice in US courts. The only way to get justice is to burn the country to the ground and build something better.

#BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylor

USpol, Fascism, Link from the White House 

Exec order just came down yesterday, antiracism and antisexist education is now essentialy forbidden in government agencies. This is straight up "war is peace, ignorance is wisdom" shit

all right, so i've had a lot going on lately, and i think it's time i talk about it, get it off my chest (thread)

instance block recommendation 

#fediblock -

- their user "omega9" has been real busy posting racist garbage and has been doing so for a long while (a *lot* of untagged lewds as well, btw)

- according to google translate it's a "no censorship" instance and there aren't any rules listed

- its admin boosts crap from gleasonator btw

- basically it smells like ur run of the mill trashfire freezepeach pleorma instance, except it's masto lol

Somewhere in some box lying in either my or one of my parents' basement is a sony ericson phone with pictures of over 200 dogs in athens, mostly strays, from when we were on vacation there roughly a decade ago

it's bi visibility day today !!!
to my bi gang on this hecking webbed sight: y'all are fabulous and rad :sparkles_bi: :dragncoolmlem:
:bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :blobcatsip:

Money, help needed, please boost 

Venmo: @void_

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. We owe over $3000 in rent and have no income. If you can spare anything to help our coven, all help is dearly appreciated. 💜

eating habits 

shout-out to peanut butter for being so god damn calorie dense and making reaching my calorie goal way more feasible

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this is generally a pretty queer-driven place so i invite you to consider how you feel when someone jumps into your menchies to WELL ACTUALLY you about gender

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i read mint's blog post and i feel like an important lesson for us white people on here to learn is that going into a PoC's mentions to pedantically argue with them is really rude and you are probably going to end up being racist

cf that comic with thinking affectionate thoughts and then "I want to bite you" coming out of your mouth

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eating habits 

God meeting my calorie goal is really hard, actually, no wonder I had trouble keeping up my weight, I probably ate 1700-1800 cals a day on average before I started counting

my first toot shall be my favorite meme that i spent a literal year searching for:

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