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For I am announcing my blog! You can find it at

There's not a whole lot there yet, considering I just launched on it, but I made it myself more or less from scratch and I worked real hard on it! I'm a tiny bit proud.

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Bumblebees have been shown, scientifically, to have a "positive emotionlike state". Just because we can't ask a bug what its feeling doesn't mean it doesn't have moods.

In an experiment on the bumblebees, they were trained to distinguish between two different colored flowers, and got sugar-water as a reward for selecting blue as opposed to green. A control group was given normal water for selecting the blue one. The researchers then presented both groups with ambiguously blue-green flowers, and the ones that were being fed sugar-water flew much faster towards the ambiguous flowers. This reveals evidence of an optimism bias, those bees that had been given sugar water were more optimistic that the flower would result in a sugary treat.

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Among intellectual advancements of humanity, it really can't be overstated how important the concept of zero has been for us, however, biologists have been able to show that some vertebrates understand the concept of "none many", grey parrots, many primates, and EVEN preschool children have been shown to be able to understand the concept of the empty set.

But now, we know that honey bees too, can understand zero.

Scientists found this out by giving honeybees a choice between two images, each with a number of objects on them. When they chose the image with less objects, they would get a reward of sugar water. In training them like this, the researchers eventually gave the bees a choice between an image with one or two objects, and a blank, white image, which they have never seen before. 2 out of 3 of the bees tested were able to understand that none was numerically less than 1. They are the only known insects to be able to comprehend this.

My love of video games is totally overshadowed by my hate for gamers.

Summer break relaxation juice hitting so hard I can't even muster the thinking power to post

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ego death ment 

some people need to hear this tbh

Have been at an AirBnb for the last three days that was a family's house that they rented out while they were on vacation, and it was kind of extremely uncomfortable, because the bedroom I was sleeping in very obviously belonged to a kid I didn't know and it felt super invasive and made it really hard to relax

Non-Binary People are wonderful and valid, and they deserve all of the support and protections of the Queer community! :nonbinary_flag:

didn't know we had a day to ourselves but happy international non-binary day! :nonbinary_flag:

can i get a "fuck landlords" going in the chat?

cashier: welcome to psychiatry can I take your order
me: yeah can I get uhhhhhhhhh information about what I am experiencing?
cashier: information machine broke
me: okay damn, can I get uhhhhhhhhhhh meaningful support?
cashier: support machine broke
me: alright... can I get uhhhhhhhh agency
cashier: ma'am we don't offer that and if you keep this up I'm going to feed you to the involuntary committal machine
me: understood, have a nice day

absolutely losing my fucking mind at this video from the wikipedia page for the physics engine "phyz"

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