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I wanted to make a Curious Cat, but that wants you to sign up with twitter or facebook, and fuck that noise, so I made a Q&A article/page on my blog instead, since it's also an excuse to actually do something with that.

Have at it!

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For I am announcing my blog! You can find it at

There's not a whole lot there yet, considering I just launched on it, but I made it myself more or less from scratch and I worked real hard on it! I'm a tiny bit proud.

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vaccine shitposting 

Having 5G in ur arm is super convenient, I never have to worry about being in an area with no coverage

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vaccine shitposting 

Any second now my autism is gonna become twice as powerful. Gonna telepathically beam infodumps about special interests directly into other people's brains

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I have a bit of a headache and feel super tired today tho D:

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Might commit the terrible sin of posting again but first i need to make my timeline comfy

aggressively devoid of context 

thinkin about when scarlett johansson turned into a usb stick

Another, longer interview with another Black Jew in israel, who left her job & school to organize after police killed her cousin. She covers some of the same ground as the first interview but discusses in depth the experience of protesting & a change in attitude towards the state & zionism.

Both this & the first link should have big TWs on them for Black viewers.

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mutual aid, begpost 

hey im sam, trans woman and programmer. for the past four months i have been without income, and recently have reacquired my old freelance development contract. I won't be paid for a few more weeks however, and my reserve funds have run dry. I need money so I can eat between now and when I get paid again. If you can spare money, i will be extremely grateful. All donations will be refunded when I get paid again in a few weeks.

cashap: $digitalcreature

Found a really cool Kickstarter project raising awareness around autism yesterday! It's like a really cool 140 page long comic anthology featuring autistic creators telling stories about how it affects their lives. Omg! <3

"dipshit scientists somehow stunned by revelation that indigenous tribes were doing agriculture 200 years ago, show asses further by making a big deal about it"

uspol, concentration camps 

Joe Biden has been in office for 94 days. There are still children in concentration camps at the Mexico-US border.

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