and it's one of the only somewhat comprehensive to and from Danish dictionaries and I mostly use it to translate english to danish because I am too Terminally Online and don't know my own language oops

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Why the hell would I pay for a dictionary that can't tell me what words invented after 1950 means grumble grumble, anything from nutritional yeast to sinophobia and it goes "nope I have no clue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

I forgot growth spurts this strong turn me into a hyperemotional teenager

If there was an actual convention called dubcon, what would it be about 🤔🤔🤔

I have discovered something amazing. In Japan, Caramelldansen often has the line "Dansa med oss, klappa era händer" (which means "dance with us, clap your hands") misheard as "I don't want any balsamic vinegar after all" spoken in the Kansai dialect.

What does the (-) and (+) things in content warnings mean? I'm guessing it's a signal about whether or not you want replies to the thing you posted but I want to be sure so I don't misinterpret something

Why does everyone on masto have cats I want a kitty to snuggle with too 😭😭😭

Queer gamer voice 

transition stuff 

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transition stuff 

mildly nsfw 

mh (but mild-ish i think) 

Buying a datacenter to store all the pics I download of cute animals on reddit

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