serious; about online trans communities 

yknow, DIY HRT is not ideal but i do wish there wasn't such a culture of shaming around it in so many trans spaces


serious; about online trans communities 

trying to drive it out of our spaces is not gonna make the people who do it magically have access to an endo, it's just gonna make information harder to find and in turn make it more dangerous for them

serious; about online trans communities 

i _had_ to DIY for two years, and if i didn't know people who could point me to the science and information about it, it would have been *way worse* for my health

serious; about online trans communities 

@allie this is a little bit tangential but i remember when some states were fucking around with abortion laws again, i had a tweet about how to get access to medication for an abortion safely pinned to my profile and i had way more people than i expected try to yell at me for it lmao

serious; about online trans communities 

@allie let me clarify: birdsite profile. i woke up less than half an hour ago

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