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@datawench possibly, although apparently their subscribers are tanking to the point that layoffs are going to happen and be quite brutal. Maybe celebs walking out on the company will make them sit up and take notice, but I am not hopeful.

@datawench I stuck around the first time Netflix put up Chapelle, but left after round two. I think Gervais is round three and likely will see the food of people ditching Netflix turn into a torrent and frankly, good riddance.

I do wonder what will become of all the LGBTIQA artists on the platform, such as Elliot Page, because I surely wouldn’t want to be associated with this company now.


@evie cis people have taken being oblivious regarding trans identity to epic extremes!

uk, trans conversion therapy 

@earnestma This is truly horrifying read, however, it explains much about why the UK government thinks the things they do, and seem to conflate transition with conversion therapy.

@prehensile yes! This is the video about it that I saw, and right up my alley as I do like Brutalist and similar architecture 😃

Long toot Linux on an old MacBook. Advice? 

@branch I am using Linux Mint on a 2017 with a very poor battery without issue, and the laptop doesn’t seem to run hot either. In fact, it is running better than it did on Big Sur.

@prehensile the lower one looks vaguely familiar, like a university campus somewhere in the US which did get built with elevated walkways and public squares etc

@retronianne waiting for 1600 and then I am leaving work FAAASST 🏎

@prehensile do tell, please! And very loudly, we all want to know 😁

@mos_8502 oh I would absolutely love to see much more Ruby Rhod! In fact, a whole shit tonne more Fifth Element 😁

ph - 

@prehensile I hope it does go away soon, but you aren’t alone with this 😢

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