@raeaw there is nothing banal about your posts, they are replete with human interest!

ai art, drugs 

@prehensile this explains perfectly why Gollum is the way he is, talks to himself constantly and is always disheveled and hungry 🤣

@finallycanuck yup. About sums England up, and as a visitor in England right now I can honestly say if anything Miriam is pulling her punches 🤣

@jump_spider there are as many ways to be trans as there trans people, so however you are is completely real and valid. You do not owe anyone performative gender but we all owe you and everyone empathy and acknowledgment and to simply say „we see you, I see you and you ar3 beautiful“

Mental breakdown 

@michellestardust no inconvenience, take time for you and to get better

@Vierkantor @wmd @vfrmedia @prehensile I managed 1,95€ in Germany before my trip, but only because of the tax rebate

Hormone study (+) 

@bluestarultor with peer review followed by other studies using same or similar metrics, we will I am sure get broadly similar results, but then I am sure there have been previous questionnaires that have shown that life for many trans folk improves after starting HRT.


@itsjustdj I am trying to parse this statement and failing spectacularly 🤦🏼‍♀️

@prehensile @AgathaSorceress Bavaria, might not give you food but may give you beer, it is drunk like water here 🤣


@prehensile these euphoric moments make life worth living 😊

@prehensile I now have this image of cats in a bowling alley creating merry hell by pushing bowling balls hither and thither. STRIKE 🐈‍⬛

@AlexTheFrenchNB Bayerisch is second only to Kentonese (spoken by the people of Kent in southeast England) for being impossible to understand! I know many Britons though who can’t understand a word BoZo speaks, but then I don’t think he understands what he is saying either. Expect when he is being homophobic, transphobic or racist, then he understands PERFECTLY what he is saying 😱

@AlexTheFrenchNB neither do I. Whenever I listen to anything from BoZo I have to use subtitles and someone who speaks pure Clown English to translate, as frankly he never makes any sense!
As for other English speakers, most do I think, but I spend most of my time trying to understand Bayerisch, which is almost impossible 🤣🤣🤣

@AlexTheFrenchNB BoZo the Clown can barely utter a cohesive sentence in English, so I can assure you your skills are far and away better than this Etonian toff 😆

@datawench if it does make a blip, hopefully it is a big downward blip. Either way I do know that many in my circle of friends after Chapelle ditched their subscriptions and let Netflix know in no uncertain terms why. With Gervais being an absolute dumpster fire of bigotry for all his loudly professing solidarity with LGBT folks, this may just make others abandon this particular ship!

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