Hormone study (+) 

Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Has a Positive Impact on Well-Being - Neuroscience News

I mean surprising absolutely no one, but it's in writing now and thus likely to be taken more seriously.

Hormone study (+) 

The thing about a study, particularly a peer reviewed one, is that it takes at least 2 other studies to contradict it. That puts the onus of disproving it on any detractors in the field, whose methodology also has to pass scrutiny for it to carry the same weight. Naturally "it's one study" is a very easy argument, and especially if it's not peer reviewed, and you bet online chuds will treat any rebuttal with equal weight, but in scientific circles where care happens, it's huge.

Hormone study (+) 

This study doesn't seem to have been peer reviewed yet, since it hasn't been presented yet, but once it has, provided there aren't any blunders, that basically makes it scientific precedent. And given it's in line with what we all know informally, it's unlikely any study with contrary results will pass muster. This is another step in the slow march of progress legitimizing the trans experience.


Hormone study (+) 

@bluestarultor with peer review followed by other studies using same or similar metrics, we will I am sure get broadly similar results, but then I am sure there have been previous questionnaires that have shown that life for many trans folk improves after starting HRT.

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