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Here’s an absolutely genius film project by Eimear Walshe. I saw it being exhibited at the IMMA down in Dublin last week. It’s about land ownership, and how it affects everything we do. It’s also hilarious:

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Typed in a little #BASIC program I found on the internet to generate some artwork on my #Atari. This took way longer than it should have but scroll through to see what it produced.
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bored of free, open source software. i am now only interested in "win32 shareware and abandonware"

- fast on modern computers
- extremely large catalog, basically infinite
- huge variations in quality, mysterious
- usually just like 1 exe file
- try it! dont like it? delete it!
- consistent UI look-and-feel
- when it's not visually consistent it's at least Visually Rad
- no source code no cheating
- modify functionality with game trainer Poke utility, resource editor, or cracked copy of IDA Pro

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

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For some reason, today I’m finding myself making a thread about plastic boxes. I actually had it drafted for one or two years and never published it, but some exciting new drama in this captivating saga made me complete it today 🙃

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Food (?), coffee 

This mug has me thinking I need to try for some thematically-appropriate latte art rather than my standard tulips and floretes :blobfoxthinking:

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I've worked on hex maps (strictly, cartograms) quite a bit over the years particularly for election visualisations where constituencies really should have equal weight but often they have very different visual weight on a geographic map. It's good to see that Australia's ABC have made a hex map for Australia.

Alex R :philly_pride: boosted the bubble bobble franchise has been extremely normal in recent years

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The thing about people who have a lot of whatever it is that we're measuring with IQ is that they quite often tend to be way _more_ wrong than those who have less of whatever it is that those points stand for.

High IQ is kind of like superglue for opinions

Not only doesn't IQ compensate for ignorance or poor methodology, it acerbates the issue.

Rationalisation is a powerful drug. Most people can convince themselves of almost everything but those with high IQ tend to be _extraordinary_ at it.

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I love this way of using `zip` when you want to work on array element `i` and element `i + 1`.

It's so much nicer than the usual thing of having an extra variable to track the last item and skipping the first iteration.

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The inimitable on VRChat, gender expression, and corporate control of online social spaces:

thoughts: it's so tiny! Memory LCDs are amazing things that should see more use. And I'm very happy that Panic have brought playfulness back to console UIs after Nintendo, the last holdout, gave up on that with the Switch.

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