One of the Love-in-the-Mists in the garden got broken off, so I bought it inside so I can enjoy their complexly-structured flowers a little early @plants

Food, stock photo eye contact, mild peril 

Presented without comment, an ad from my local wholesale food shop

Food (?), coffee 

This mug has me thinking I need to try for some thematically-appropriate latte art rather than my standard tulips and floretes :blobfoxthinking:

Selfie, EC 

Naturally it immediately bucketed down while I was walking home but still, a long overdue hair/beard cut by an actual professional has me feeling tidy


Baked some bread for the long weekend! I’m trying out a flour with a bit of malted wheat content this time. Now it’s just the agonising wait for it to cool…

My old bike I’d repurposed as my ‘about town’ transport literally snapped after too much abuse hauling groceries during lockdown, so it’s today! It’s a Ribble Hybrid Al with a nice low geared 1x drivetrain for carrying luggage and companionable around

If a wind turbine wore pants, would it wear them like this, or like this?

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