After much scribbling on maps, I think me and my partner have sort of figured out our Interrail itinerary, so a) I am vibrating with excitement at the thought of All The Trains :ablobfoxhyper: and b) if anybody knows cool things to do in and around Rotterdam/Cologne/Vienna/Ljubljana/Zürich/Paris this autumn I’m all ears

Also incredible shade from the rail map not marking a single part of the entire Dutch rail network as ‘scenic’ 👀

@alex ooooh! see if you can catch a boat/ferry in Rotterdam. I never did, but you see em zipping around the place and it's gotta be a good way to see a place.

@ash Yes! I’ll keep an eye out, cheers! Right now my only real plan is aiming to eat my own weight in croissants in Paris so the other parts need some firming up 😅

@alex In R'dam, I can def recommend the Euromast. The view is fantastic.
I also recommend taking a walk along the Nieuwe Maas, where you can see a bunch of funny-looking buildings, really experience the architectural MESS that is Roterdam. De Markthal is also a cool place to check out.

If you want to see some cool streets, the Coolsingel recently got a major overhaul to make it more walkable, and the entire path in front of Centraal Station towards Eendrachtsplein is very nice to walk through.

@amara Wow, the Markthal looks like something from the demoscene rather than a real building – I love it! Dank je wel!

@alex nice, @radz4ladz and I are planning an interrail trip for holidays too. I like your itinerary. We’re going to stick to France and Spain I think. The original plan was to get to Lisbon for a music festival but it’s surprisingly hard to get there from Spain which is a shame :(

@robmccracken @radz4ladz Yeah, we’d originally planned to work our way down to Barcelona and even that turned out to be too much if we also wanted to get to Vienna. Lisbon is lovely, though, if you ever get the chance on another trip!

@alex @radz4ladz Yeah, crossing France is a long trip. We figured you can either do France and east or France and west but not really both. I hope you enjoy. We're off in July and I cannot wait.

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