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Steam achievements cause the game to minimize 🤦‍♂️

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I'm playing Titanfall 2 (it was on sale). It actually runs really well

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Installing Origin inside Proton using Steam on Linux feels especially cursed somehow

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"You’ve likely never heard of 82-year-old computer scientist Lynn Conway, but her discoveries power your smartphones and computers. Her research led to successful startups in Silicon Valley, supported national defense, and powered the internet.

Long before becoming a highly respected elderly professor at the University of Michigan, Conway was a young researcher with IBM IBM . It was there, on August 29, 1968, that IBM’s CEO fired her for [being trans]. Nearly 52 years later, in an act that defines its present-day culture, IBM apologized and sought forgiveness."


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We've already played Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Divinity Original Sin

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I'm looking for a game to play online with someone who's on macOS. Ideally something light/easy to jump in and out of. It seems like a bit of a niche category. Recommendations welcome!

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Here I am again with a new batch of #followfriday

@JF "a C/C++ developer" (he started InfiniTime for the PineTime)

@gamey "I plan to post about foss stuff here and since i just got a Pinephone thats probably what it will mostly be about for now"

@bleakgrey "Developer of Tootle, the Mastodon client for Linux"

@air "Queer gamedev in the UK"

@bull500 "Digital Artist 2D & 3D | Aeronautical Engineer "

Go check them out! As always le me know if you want me to remove you from the toot.

Started a new DnD campaign today :ms_d20: ❤️

Playing some more of Heaven's Vault. It's interesting so far

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extremely normal that the fate of the whole planet rests in the hands of a minority of people who are only passionate about guns and measuring things in body parts

Interesting to see Valve doing a flatpak-based approach for Steam games: gitlab.steamos.cloud/steamrt/s

Hopefully that could make it easier for devs to target Linux as a known platform, but I wonder how it compares to distributing an actual flatpak and what it means for non-Steam distribution of Linux games

2020 caused me to try learning both vim and emacs

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At a critical moment like this, an independent, truth-seeking organisation like the Guardian is essential. Free from commercial or political bias, we can report fearlessly on events as they happen, bringing you a clear, international perspective. Support the Guardian today from as little as £1

playing some spooooky Left 4 Dead 🎃🙃

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