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#4styles, what a sweet idea! I love using different styles.

Here are four older #ACEO|s of mine, which I haven't posted yet, with different styles! Two painted with gouache, two with copics.

#mastoArt #StoryOfSeasons #Pokemon #Homestuck

For me, the important thing I've learned from listening to BIPOC and LGBTQ2S comrades is that the politics required of me, as a white man, is a politics of letting go. Any revolution where I or someone like me seizes power, is by default, not a revolution. (It is at most, in deference to some other identities I hold and my views, a drastic reform.) But the real revolution will require different work from me. Silence, lifting other voices, doing the work, returning the land.

Hey all,
Do people know of Senior or Lead positions at tech companies in Seattle or NYC that are not garbage? Just anywhere please get in touch with us. Thanks.

Is there a good replacement for /usr/bin/st yet, along the lines of rofi being significantly better than dmenu? urxvt sucks

Never Forget
By me.

The government asks us to remember this day, to memorialize it with hashtags and news articles and statues and vigils and sermons and moments of silence, but it dictates what part of the truth we remember.

that has a statement called . It accepts several commands. The one I used is . Then we supply a table name. It will return a view on how that table is laid out in physical storage.

that lets us determine the storage size of an field using the built-in function.

Unfortunately, all simple statistics functions return an integer, which is too small for the amount of data in my tables...

financial help request, boosts ok 

hey folks!!! we're still running short on food and other essentials this month, and likely will be until this month is over and we have a few paychecks to back us up for the foreseeable future, if you can help chip in and keep me and my family fed thatd be wonderful! :blobcat_mlem:

Climate, Dark 

The New Yorkers piece about how it may be time to ditch the climate optimism is pretty apt.

Basically what if we are now past the time frame to stop or halt climate change direct effects (mass death, starvation, wars), and its time to look at how we will handle the fall out and try to stop the extreme effects?

Do anyone know of place in SE Queensland Either close to Brisbane or Maroochydore that I could stay? I'm making backup plan in case me coming out as Trans to my family fails and I'd like it to be close to at least one of the two Gender clinics I know of.

9/11, bigotry, violence (boost with CW) 

From @Tex
hey this year on 9/11, instead of making jokes about a national tragedy maybe people on mastodon could talk about how there was a sharp uptick in violence against Muslims and anyone who "looked" like they could be Muslim and they still feel the effects of it today
cw: descriptions of Islamophobia
Islamophobia is very real and is something no Muslims can't escape. It's something they are expected to weather with "grace" lest they be immediately labeled terrorists. In /2018/ my cousin couldn't even go to an aerobics class without being told to "go home" (she's a white American who converted, tf she gonna go???) and that her "people" (re: Muslims) were killing Americans.

People do this to her when she's with her /children/ even. In FRONT of them.
cw: descriptions of Islamophobia, family
her own oldest child has already learned what "grace" he must have when people spew bigotry to him and his mother. He had leukemia as a toddler and is half white, half Arab. Between the health battles and the experienced racism, he basically didn't even get to have a true childhood and it pisses me off.

putting my computer in safe mode (a box in the closet)

for those who've been following along with this thread, i'm sure you've seen that it's been quite a ride!

once the mstdn-ebooks import functionality is done, i'll be shutting down my paid hosting service after a week. this means i'm cutting off the income source i mainly use to pay for the server.

if you'd like to donate, you can do so here:

there are currently no donor benefits, although patreon pledgers (to any tier) will get early access to my lynne teaches tech posts.

thanks for considering!

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Future updates to this thread will be done from this account to reduce clutter on people's timelines.

Speaking of updates, FediBooks will now show you how many minutes remain until your bot next posts something.

One of the more rewarding ongoing tasks I've taken on has been working with the elderly, especially people suffering from aphasia, to use technology to keep up with their older hobbies (typically writing or photography) and to stay in contact with their family.

One of the biggest things that impacts the quality of life of the elderly is isolation. This is a huge issue in American society, a social structure that often leaves our aging population on its own, often fully discarded.

Technology can't fix all their ailments yet, but it CAN fix this problem, if we let it.

I don't do it through an organization. I don't do it for compensation. I do it socially, to spend time with people, hear their stories, and empower them to put those stories into the world.

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