allow me to be set loose on every older cis het woman who says "my gays"

, a work-in-progress for generating 3D images in has seen an impressive amount of progress since last month. Check out the before and after images in the blog post.

The model is fundamentally upside-down. By default it should not allow anything, thus forcing people to set up and apply privileges.

"Tear the JVM apart to understand some of the disastrous things that can happen in an unsecured JVM":

whenever mastodon shows you a post from a dead instance it should put a halo over the profile picture

You must be the good in the world.

Without the example no one will know how to do it.

You have all been given an opportunity by finding your way here. This Fediverse is the return of the internet we were to have.

Glorious and weird, mighty and unknowable.

...and here you are.

Take this opportunity and grow this into the force it can be.

Take the future back.

Only you.

Only us.

Only Everything.

Ecuador: Moreno folds, cancels austerity plans 

If you enjoy my work and want to support it you can pledge $1 or $2 to my #Patreon page and help me get to my next goal, which would quite literally change my life ⸜(*˙꒳˙* )⸝

#supportme #fediart #mastoart #art

Also, while its great that so many cities and states are in favor of giving up Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, don't for a second forget that this is as much a placating gesture as anything else.

Politicians would rather rename a holiday than be taken to task regarding reparations towards the indigenous people, offering aid to those still living on reservations, or committing more action towards the staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women. Don't let them skate by.

@jinglebellrockstar Empire strikes back, maybe? Oh dear, I remember very little from that series. I read the books once, and have seen the movies. I remember that green soldier... Bobba Fet? I always wondered why other characters treated him like he was some amazing fighter.

@jinglebellrockstar I don't think I know that scene. I'd have to look it up. Which book / movie?

@HTHR This goes for people, too. Not everyone who invites us into an argument is worth our time.

@jinglebellrockstar Sounds interesting! Could be a horror, could be romance, could be adventure, could be political engagement with an existential twist for an end.

Houston mission control console, restored for the fiftieth anniversary
#nasa #space

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