I really need to get good at balancing the hobbyist things I'm doing and not letting 1 takeover and lead to me neglecting everything else.

for those who don't use arch: arch is meant to be updated pretty frequently, and the further behind you are the more likely it is you're going to run into problems & have to come up with janky solutions to them.

i haven't updated arch in like a month (i know, i know) and at this point I'm too scared to.

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What's the best way to plug a newsletter on a blog w/out being super annoying about it?

hm, just noticed (as far as I can tell) there's no unified Twitter & Mastodon library for Rust. :ms_thinking:


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Tech, licensing, ICE 

I don't have a problem throwing out moralistic issues for clients because an enby needs to eat. But, on my own projects I'd really rather avoid using products and companies that do not align w/ me.

my issues with cloudflare are both on a moralistic level, and a technical one. Moralistically, CloudFlare's business is built off of providing protection to fascists & blackhat groups. Technically, a single point of failure, no matter how "too big to fail" is still a single point of failure.

i really wish cloudflare had actual competition that worked even nearly as well rn.

solved this: Zeit Now's serverless platform doesn't give Node 10.x the same access to libs that 8.x gets for some reason, even though they are installed system wide.

is there a browser plugin that places a twitter link for @{handle}@twitter.com?

love when projects work on my machine but not in a production environment. Gonna have a fun time troubleshooting this in the morning (Installing libuuid or libuuid-devel doesn't actually fix this problem so it's likely something even more annoying)

This pic is generated in <60 lines of JS and is being generated server side w/ a server side canvas library.

After taking a step back because I got frustrated, I have a basic text wrapping algorithm down. Now to center it.

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Inside the fake feminist, anti-trans #Gab spinoff #Spinster things are getting tense — as everyone tries to “out-TERF” each other. When siloed, hate sites fissure and eat themselves over time.

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